Labour LGBT officer faces expulsion for tweeting first trans women’s officer is a man

A Labour Party official is facing expulsion for outspoken attacks on a transgender teenager.

Miranda Yardley, an outspoken opponent of transgender equality, boasts about being “blocked by millions” on her social media profile and has a long history of provocative comments.

Yardlay, who was appointed as an LGBT officer by a local Labour Party, landed in hot water over shocking tweets targeting Labour activist Lily Madigan, who was then 19.

The activist, who is also transgender but is part of the anti-trans ‘ gender critical’ movement, repeatedly misgendered Madigan in tweets and referred to her as “Willy Madigan”.

“Transmisogyny is that dreadful, covetous misogyny that transgender males like Willy Madigan so willingly show towards women. Because he hates women,” said Yardley.

“To state that Madigan is a man is not a personal attack, nor is it bullying. As an adult human male, he is biologically and legally a man,” read another tweet.

“I don’t have a problem with Madigan per se . . . and could see it possible for a male to act as a women’s officer. However, in order to be able to fulfil that function, the women’s officer would have to listen closely to the concerns and needs of women. Madigan has shown he is unwilling to listen to women, and revealingly that he has no empathy with women,” she added.

Lily Madigan

Lily Madigan

Labour confirmed in January that its all-women shortlists are open to self-identifying transgender women – regardless of gender reassignment surgery.

After the Party announced that self-identifying trans women are allowed to enroll on the Labour all-womens shortlists, Labour Party member Jennifer James launched a fundraising page to pursue legal action against the Party.


To date, it has accrued 1485 donors and a sum of £27,125 to address “transgender-identified males” joining the list and pushing “biological” women out.

Labour has written to Yardley about the tweets, stating that the Party does not tolerate “hostility or prejudice based on age, disability, gender reassignment or identity”.

In a post in 2015, Yardley wrote in favour of scrapping the 2004 Gender Recognition Act, tagging the post “transgenderism is cancer”.

“We are all expected to play along with the brain-sucking reality-denying mantra of ‘trans woman are women’. No, fuck that shit: ‘trans women’ are men,” she wrote.

“Transgenderism is a violent, sexist and sex-fuelled culture. It is antithetical to not just the women’s movement, but to everyone who values freedom of thought, their own sexual agency and not having the personal identity of delusion males thrust down your throats. Transgenderism attacks all of us; this is a human rights issue that concerns us all: men, women, boys, girls, lesbians, gay men and anyone who values the integrity of their own mind,” she added.

“The Labour Party takes all complaints seriously, which are investigated in line with our procedures,” said the Labour Party to The Times.