The first police force to log LGBT+ domestic violence victims has found 775 cases so far

The first police force to log LBGT+ victims of domestic violence has found 775 LGBT+ victims of domestic abuse to date.

Greater Manchester police force began using code D66 in June 2016 to record LGBT+ victims of the crime.

After a six-month pilot test, they found 150 cases during the period, and decided to use the code for good.

“This reporting code is giving us a clearer picture of abuse, helping to break down barriers and encourage people to report it,” said Deputy mayor for policing and crime Beverley Hughes to

“Vitally, this also means that we can ensure the right services are in place to support victims of domestic abuse and empower more people to take that first step to seek help and support.”

Image of sad, older woman crying, holding tissue (Photo: bialasiewicz)

Greater Manchester police have said that are happy to report that 70% of those referred by police had taken up support, adding that she expected only about a third of victims to ask for help, said The Guardian.

“These figures are a positive step in supporting victims and ensuring they are signposted to the right services that are then able to provide appropriate care,” said Detective Superintendent Denise Worth to Attitude.

“The D66 coding is a simple process which enables us to identify the community affected and provide local authorities withy latest figures which allows them to commission relevant services to support victims.

“Our findings and processes have also been shared nationally and we hope this will assist other forces in adopting their own practices to help those victims.”

GMP has been the first force in the UK to record the sexuality of domestic abuse victims and perpetrators, raising questions concerning over whether forces nationwide will now adopt the practice.

Research by the charity Stonewall suggests almost half of gay and bisexual men have experienced domestic abuse from a family member or partner since the age of 16.

It has also been claimed that one in four lesbian and bisexual women also reported domestic abuse while in a relationship.