Two leaders had a cuddle and Nigel Farage thinks it’s the end of Western civilisation

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau had a cuddle with Mayor of London Sadiq Khan – and Nigel Farage is not happy about it.

Trudeau and Khan, who have previously spoken of their common liberal values, met up on the fringes of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting this week and greeted each other with a warm hug.

But former UK Independence Party leader and Leave.EU campaigner Nigel Farage was not thrilled with the sight of affection from the two men.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote: “This photo is not filling me with confidence that Western civilisation can be saved.”


The remark led to accusations of casual homophobia against Farage – who was previously criticised for failing to tackle homophobic Parliamentary candidates when leader of UKIP.

One Twitter user wrote: “I just want a record that you actually tweeted a picture of Justin Trudeau and Sadiq Khan hugging as a threat to Western Civilisation. I don’t think I need to say anything else.”

Another confused user added: “Are you being racist, homophobic or both Nige?”

Farage last year travelled to Alabama to campaign for Senate candidate Roy Moore, who had expressed his supported the re-criminalisation of gay sex.

At a rally in Alabama, Farage gave his enthusiastic backing to Moore.


He said: “I have absolutely no hesitation in putting my support and my backing behind a man like judge Roy Moore, who has shown in his career that he will always put principle before his own career advancement.”

The comment appeared to be a reference to Moore’s dismissal from the Alabama Supreme Court for a crusade against same-sex weddings.

Moore formerly served as Alabama’s Chief Justice, but was ejected from the role after abusing his authority in a bid to block gay weddings in the state.

Leave.EU co-founder Arron Banks, a close associate of Farage, recently described homosexuality as a “lifestyle choice.”


Taking exception to a PinkNews story about homophobia in UKIP, Banks tweeted: “everybody has accepted homosexuality, it’s not an issue anymore. Doesn’t mean we need our kids persuaded that it’s a great lifestyle choice!”

Responding to critics, he added: “I’m not for it or against it, and no one really cares any more. But children shouldn’t have stuff pumped at them at school.

“Everybody bored rigid by the whole ‘Gay crusade!’ How about kids get to enjoy school without gender , gay , feminism, and any other ism!”

He also suggested that “impressionable” young children are being “pumped” with homosexuality.

The Labour Party recently blasted Leave.EU’s “transphobic” response to the appointment of comedian and campaigner Eddie Izzard to the Labour executive committee.

Leave.EU posted a photo of Izzard wearing high heels, writing: “Labour know exactly how to sort out a crisis and get back in touch with the base.

“Eddie Izzard: working class hero. We think not ”

Labour’s Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner hit back at the criticism, writing: “I am dismayed by the disgraceful transphobic comments about @eddieizzard after it was announced Eddie was joining the Labour Party NEC.

“Comments have been made mostly via social media. Eddie is a lifelong campaigner for equality and justice with a tremendous record of supporting Labour.”