Incredible rainbow waterfall goes viral

We can put rainbows on anything and everything.

From Paris crossings and a monument in Poland to international football teams’ shirts and even a Harry Styles concert, LGBT+ people have used the rainbow to show their pride in countless different, glorious ways.

But sometimes, you can’t compete with nature.

The spectacular rainbow at a Harry Styles concert (Twitter/RainbowHProject)

This has been proved by a video of a waterfall in California’s world-famous Yosemite National Park going viral – probably because it appears to be entirely made of rainbows.

Yosemite Falls is captured looking stunning in the short video, with its water whipped away from the mountainside by strong winds and into the sunlight, resulting in the amazing rainbow effect.

As the water cascades down the mountain’s 5,400 feet, it covers the entire spectrum of the rainbow, going from bright red onto orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Yosemite fall rainbow from r/gifs

The video was taken in February, but has gone viral this week after being posted on Reddit, attracting more than 2,000 upvotes.

It was posted on the gay subreddit with the caption: “This is what my bum looks like after sexy times,” and fellow Redditors were quick to agree.

One wrote: “Oh my God me too I thought I was the only one .”

And another said: “This is what it looks like when I fart out my boyfriend’s load.”

The rainbow water fell 5,400 feet (Umair Ahmed/youtube)

Others were simply thrilled at the sight of the natural world seemingly endorsing LGBT+ people.

“Mother Nature just spews out gay,” one person wrote.

Another said: “The Gay Agenda wins again!”

Yet more commenters poked fun at Alex Jones, the Info Wars host, who has been banned this month from Apple, Spotify, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo – and Twitter, for a week.

They referenced his famous 2015 rant in which he claimed that the government was putting chemicals in the water to make frogs gay, one of many off-the-wall conspiracy theories which the alt-right hatemonger has promoted.

Jones laughs maniacally (The Alex Jones Channel/youtube)

“Is this the water that was turning all the frogs gay?” one Redditor asked.

Another responded: “You say that like you have proof frogs weren’t rampantly gay in the first place.”

The original commenter replied: “Maybe the frogs caused the water to possess the big gay.”

Last year, Northern Irish Reverend Jonathan Campbell said that God had a copyright on the rainbow, which meant LGBT+ people shouldn’t be able to use it as a symbol.

The rainbow flag has been used by the LGBT+ community since its invention in 1978 by Gilbert Baker, who died last year.