Lesbian couple convince their school to host gender-neutral homecoming

A lesbian couple have succeeded in getting their high school in Texas to put on a gender-neutral homecoming.

Cecilia McBride and her girlfriend Story Dornsife were recently nominated to the homecoming court at Stephen F. Austin High School by their classmates.

However, the couple were angered when they were told by two members of staff that they would both have to run for homecoming queen, and would be paired with the boy named homecoming king.

Cecilia McBride (right) and Story Dornsife. (KXAN)

McBride and Dornsife took the matter to the school principal, who decided to change the homecoming tradition to make it more inclusive.

Now, instead of having kings, queens, princes and princesses, four students will reportedly be chosen as homecoming royalty.

“They said, ‘We don’t do two queens, we don’t do two kings, it has to be a king and a queen,’” McBride told KXAN. “Because a king has to be male and a queen has to be female, it’s impossible for a gay couple to win. I basically told them right away, this isn’t okay. I was almost in tears—I was furious.”

It was also reported that another lesbian couple at the school was nominated to the homecoming court.

The homecoming game will be held on October 11, reports NBC.

According to NBC, the school will keep the policy for homecomings in future years, but this change will not be required across the Austin Independent School District.

Stephen F. Austin High School in Texas. (KXAN)

In September, a high school in California crowned a transgender teenager their homecoming queen.

Karl Cruz, 18, was voted for by fellow students at the Sweetwater Union High School.

Speaking to ABC News, Cruz said: “Everyone started cheering for me. I didn’t really expect that from anyone.

“After the fireworks, I just started crying my eyes out.”

The school principal said she was proud of the school being a safe environment for LGBT+ students.

“I can’t say I was surprised. Every single student should be accepted for who they are. They’re all wonderful human beings that are here to learn,” Principal Maribel Gavin said.