Lemon bars are the official snack of bisexual people, says internet

Bisexual lemon bars: A picture of lemon bars set against the bisexual flag and tweets.

Lemon bars have become the official snack of bisexual people, according to the internet.

The delicious citrus dessert has joined a group of good-natured and often self-deprecating stereotypes popular among the bisexual community.

Some of these claim bisexual people can’t drive, do maths, ride a bike or sit in a normal way—but do cuff their jeans and use finger guns.

And unlike harmful biphobic stereotypes, these tropes are largely created by, with and for bisexual people.

I love the microculture bis have made for themselves on the internet
To recap:
* Bad at chairs
* Love lemon bars
* Two types: flannel and leather jacket (I am a flannel) https://t.co/JdmFp5homl

— Joshy McCroo (@riseupcomus) November 30, 2018

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Lemon bars are the most recent addition to the group, with the zesty treat acting as a bisexual equivalent to the “welcome to the dark side, we have cookies” Star Wars meme of internet yesteryear.

Why did lemon bars become a part of bisexual online culture?

The phrase “welcome to the bi side, we have lemon bars” took off online less than a year ago, eventually leading to Urban Dictionary defining the dessert as “the official snack treat of bisexuality.”

An anonymous Reddit user who goes by the username “Tuxedo-T-Shirt” started using the phrase to welcome people who came out in the bisexual subreddit.

Bi culture is lemon bars, pant legs that are rolled up too high, and awkward finger guns

— morena (@philosocurse) August 24, 2018

In a lengthy post, the self-described “closeted married bi-guy” explained that the meme came from his own positive introduction to the group.

He wrote: “I came out, I felt immediately welcomed and warm and fuzzy, and when I saw others coming out here, I commented with the phrase, ‘Welcome to the Bi Side, we have lemon bars’ or something similar.”

As well as Star Wars, the Redditor took inspiration from 1999 film South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut, in which the main characters add the words “punch and pie” to their recruitment posters to increase the appeal of their meeting.

“So I just started using lemon bars because I love them and you don’t often hear them mentioned in typical conversation. And for some reason, people followed,” he explained.

WE DID IT! Get the lemon bars out. Be proud of our community. Be proud of who you are. Bi for life from r/bisexual

Lemon bars became such a popular topic of posts that in October, moderators on the bisexual subreddit decided to give them their own tag—or “flair,” as it’s known on Reddit.

Reddit user explains why the meme spread

The user said the idea took off because “lemon bars are the unsung heroes of the pastry world, and they’re crazy f**king delicious, but they get put in the background all the times behind less bold flavours.”

He also credited “the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of this subreddit,” saying that it was “a significant factor in this meme spreading like wildfire throughout the community.

“I am so crazy excited about it, and you have no idea how good it makes me feel hearing more people that I’ve never talked to asking about it, mentioning it, and posting about it,” the user continued.

“I love you all, you’re all amazing. Never stop. Thank you so much.

“You’ve made me feel so special that I cannot conjure the words to appropriately express the positivity you give me and my sincere appreciation and adulation of all of you brave, gorgeous people and your kindness and generous natures.”

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