Men claim restaurant workers didn’t step in to help during anti-gay attack

Two gay men were reportedly victims of an anti-gay attack by a group shouting homophobic slurs at a New York restaurant earlier this month.

Police are investigating the assault of Daniel Dominguez, 39 and Alberto Cruz, 36, on September 12 as a anti-gay hate crime, according to New York Daily News.

The two gay rights advocates, who are roommates, told the publication that they were beaten unconscious at Pollos A La Brasa Mario restaurant on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights.

Two gay men attacked by group yelling homophobic slurs in New York restaurant.

The assault allegedly occurred at a restaurant in Jackson Heights. (CBS New York)

They claim that staff did nothing to intervene during the anti-gay assault, which happened at around 4.30am, although employees at the restaurant refute this.

“Everything started with one of them,” Dominguez told New York Daily News.

“He started saying, `Why you guys looking at me? I’m not gay, I’m a father. Why do you guys think that everyone who comes in here is a f—-t?'”

Dominguez said that he then confronted the group of men, which was when the violence broke out.

“We asked one of the security guys to do something about it but he said that the best we could do is to finish eating and leave,” Dominguez told New York Daily News.

“Basically they didn’t do anything.”

The group of men reportedly fled the restaurant after the attack.

Restaurant claims manager tried to ‘stop the fight’.

According to CBS’ local affiliate, Cruz required stitches after the attack and Dominguez said he was left with a broken nose.

Basically they didn’t do anything.

However, Jackeline Franco, an employee at Pollos Mario, said that staff did try to stop the attack, which she claimed was initiated by Cruz and Dominguez.

“You guys are not getting the whole story and I think it will come out,” she told CBS’ local affiliate.

“You cannot start something and then victimise yourself for it.”

She added: “The manager tried to stop the fight multiple times.”