Elizabeth Warren’s scorching put-down when asked about same-sex marriage is absolutely perfect

It’s official: Democratic co-frontrunner Elizabeth Warren has absolutely no time for homophobes.

The presidential hopeful was quizzed on her views on same-sex marriage during CNN’s Equality Town Hall on October 11, and her quick comeback was so perfect it immediately went viral.

Morgan Cox, chair of the Human Rights Campaign board of directors, asked Warren: “A supporter approaches you and says, ‘Senator, I’m old-fashioned, and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman.’ What is your response?”

Without missing a beat, Warren replied: “Well, I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that.

“And I’m going to say, ‘Then just marry one woman.’ I’m cool with that!”

The audience erupted with cheers and laughter, but Elizabeth Warren wasn’t done.

“Assuming you can find one,” she added.

And her answer to the follow-up question was equally as perfect. CNN moderator Chris Cuomo asked Elizabeth Warren if, having grown up in a conservative household and been Republican by party for many years, she had ever felt differently on same-sex marriage.

Warren replied that she hadn’t, harking back to her Christian upbringing.

“To me it’s about what I learned in the church that I grew up in. First song I can ever remember singing is, ‘They are yellow, black and white. They are precious in his sight, Jesus loves all the children of the world.'”

Elizabeth Warren confidently fielding questions at the CNN Equality Town Hall (Twitter/@ewarren)

She continued: “The hatefulness [towards LGBT+ people] frankly always really shocked me, especially for people of faith.

“Because I think the whole foundation is the worth of every single human being, and I get that people may make decisions for themselves that are different from the decisions other people make, but by golly, those are decisions about you. They are not decisions that tell other people what they can and can’t do.”

It was the Democratic equivalent of a mic drop, and queer Twitter had no choice but to stan.

The day before, Elizabeth Warren released a wide-ranging LGBT+ rights manifesto that pledges to end the murders of trans women of colour, outlaw conversion therapy and overturn a number of Donald Trump’s anti-LGBT+ policies.

In particular, she vowed to “use every legal tool we have to prohibit the intersecting forms of discrimination that transgender women of colour face everywhere it occurs”.