The Tory MP who single-handedly delayed LGBT-inclusive education has increased his majority

Tory MP Philip Davies delayed lgbt-inclusive education

Anti-LGBT+, anti-feminist Conservative MP Philip Davies, who single-handedly delayed regulations to make LGBT-inclusive education mandatory, has increased his majority in Shipley, Yorkshire.

In yesterday’s general election (December 12), the MP held onto his seat and increased his majority by 1,561 votes.

Earlier this year, Davies objected to the government motion that codifies new LGBT-inclusive guidance for relationships education in primary schools, and relationships and sex education in secondary schools.

Under Parliamentary rules, a single MP can hold up approval on the measure, stalling its passage.

In his speech he claimed that “the culture of political correctness” led to sexual abuse and he linked sex education, which he has called a “tyranny”, to a rise in teen pregnancies.

He said: “One day everybody will have to conclude that what we need is less sex education, or even better, none… I hope this Bill goes absolutely nowhere.”

He has aggressively opposed LGBT-inclusive education, claiming in 2017 it “introduces very young children to concepts, such as homosexuality and transgenderism, at an age where these cannot be critically assessed.”

In 2015, he claimed that same-sex marriage discriminated against straight people. He said: “You can have civil partnerships and marriage for gay people. You can only have marriage for heterosexuals. It’s not equality.”

On top of his anti-LGBT+ rhetoric, he has also previously said that black people “are more likely to be murderers”, and that disabled people should work for less than minimum wage because they are more of a “risk” to employers.

He was inexplicably elected to parliament’s Women and Equalities Committee twice, despite describing its creation as “the most depressing thing to happen recently” and calling for it to change its name to exclude “women”.

Davies said the result of yesterday’s election was “a victory for blue collar conservatism”.

According to the Yorkshire Post, Shipley’s Labour candidate, Jo Pike, said: “It would have been an absolute privilege to have represented Shipley.

“Philip Davies really doesn’t know how lucky he is to be in that position because it is just the best constituency, the best communities, they have just been fantastic.”