Tom Daley says he drinks lemon water to ‘trick his body into thinking it’s getting food’ in bizarre resurfaced video

Tom Daley was been caught in a crossfire of criticism again for a video where he recommends drinking lemon juice. (Screen capture via YouTube)

A glass of lukewarm water with lemon will give you abs, at least that’s what British Olympian Tom Daley claimed in a bizarre video that has re-emerged on Twitter, prompting backlash.

The video, originally posted in 2016, featured a shirtless Daley placing two lemon halves on top of his nipples as he dishes out the health tip in what can only be described as peak 2016 gay culture.

By chugging down a warm glass of lemon, you, too, can get Daley’s cheese grater-grade abs. Though, fitness experts tend to disagree with this.

Daley’s video has since re-emerged on Twitter, becoming a lighting rod for criticism against the sporting star’s advice. Especially considering that the LGBT+ community disproportionally suffer from eating disorders, studies say.

Tom Daley recommends storing lemons in the bathroom. 

“The first thing I do every single morning is have a glass of lemon water,” Daley, wearing a t-shirt, described.

“It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s simple.

“It makes me feel good, it gives me energy, it’s great for weight management and I think it tricks my body into thinking I’m going to have plenty to eat and drink throughout the day, so my body doesn’t hold on to anything that it doesn’t need to.”

Daley later added that, while people tend to opt for cold water with their lemon juice, he personally recommends it be “lukewarm” and that you keep your personal supply of lemons in the bathroom.

“The one top tip that I would give everyone is to keep the lemons and a glass in your bathroom and so every time you wake up the first thing you do is squeeze the lemon juice into your glass – Bob’s your uncle, fanny’s your aunt – and you’ve got some lemon water,” he said.

“Preferably use lukewarm water because then your body metabolises it a little bit quicker.”

From boosting the immune system, helping lose weight, clearing complexions and boosting alertness, Daley listed the perks of the bathroom lemon juice.

However, after the video was first posted, several nutrition experts tamped down Daley’s recommendations, citing many of his claims as “false”.

“Yes, lemon juice is a great source of vitamin C and contains health-promoting flavonoids, but that doesn’t merit all the magical properties it has recently acquired,” says one expert to HealthLine.

“While it is true that abs are ‘made in the kitchen,’ that does not mean that one particular food or beverage can ‘give’ you abs.”

‘This is damaging and I fear people watching this will help back up potential [eating disorder] thoughts.’

The video has, once again, provoked outcry from LGBT+ people, with one user branding it on Twitter as the “most miserable thing” they have ever watched: