Jake Gyllenhaal and Rufus Wainwright sang The Everly Brothers and it’s honestly gay rights

Jake Gyllenhaal and Rufus Wainwright sang The Everly Brothers and it caused nationwide swooning. (Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images/Screen capture via Twitter)

In today’s reason that despite living in a swirling vortex of doom, maybe existence isn’t that bad, actor Jake Gyllenhaal and singer Rufus Wainwright sang The Everly Brothers and it said: “Gay rights!”

Taking to New York City’s Lincoln Centre on Wednesday, the pair performed “All I Have to Do Is Dream” together.

Anyway, you clicked this story for one reason and one reason only, and that is to swoon over Gyllenhaal as the law itself dictates we must do.

So here is Jake Gyllenhaal and Rufus Wainwright singing. Swoon away!

The performance was part of the Lincoln Centre’s ongoing ‘American Songbook’ concert series, which “highlights the unique ability of the human voice to convey natural emotion and express a universal and personal story,” the series’ website says.

While the clip the Brokeback Mountain star shared was rather short, more footage of the duo singing – this time with Wainwright in a leopard-print tailcoat – started popping up all over Twitter.

Gee whiz, we are truly blessed to be living in this timeline.

For those still craving more of Gyllenhaal’s singing chops, among other things, the 39-year-old is set to play a closeted gay father in an upcoming film based on the Broadway musical, Fun Home.

It will be his third major gay role since Brokeback Mountain and the Netflix thriller tale, Velvet Buzzsaw.

However, if you’re still in need of more of singing Gyllenhaal, here’s a video of him, heavily bearded, belting out “Finishing the Hat” from the Stephen Sondheim classic, Sunday in the Park with George.