A pro-Trump gay investment banker is scared Elizabeth Warren will take his job and we can’t find a violin small enough

A pro-Trump gay banker inspires zero sympathy with this terrible take

A gay Trump supporter believes he’s actually better off under the most anti-LGBT+ president in recent history because his high-paid banking job could be at risk if Warren or Sanders “get their way”.

Writing in the New York Times comment section, ‘Jason W’ claimed his life hadn’t changed at all after the election of Donald Trump, a man who has consistently rolled back LGBT+ rights since he rose to power.

Instead of backing the fundamental rights of his fellow LGBT+ Americans, Jason appears to be far more concerned that he might be “forced to work for lesser pay” if a Democrat is elected.

“My life as a gay man is no different under Trump than it was under Obama,” he claimed. “But if Warren or Sanders get their way, I’d probably have my investment banking job eliminated and be forced to work for lesser pay in some federal bureaucracy. No, thank you.”

His words inspired a shocking lack of sympathy when his comment went viral on Twitter shortly afterwards.

“Generations of gay men (and other LGBT folx) fight to normalise non-het sexual orientations so this guy can be openly gay while he spits on their memory from atop his ivory tower. Nice,” a user wrote.

“I wish there were a way to explain to people why they should care about others,” commented another.

“Wait the upper class gay man isn’t having trouble? SURPRISE!!” joked one person, while another simply stated: “If you’re worried that your job might be eliminated because the [future] president is interested in protecting all Americans instead of just the wealthiest ones, your job might be a problem.”

Trump’s attacks on the LGBT+ community.

The anonymous commenter may be fortunate enough not to have experienced the impact of Trump’s persistent attacks on the LGBT+ community, but many others haven’t been so lucky.

The Trump administration has allegedly drained HIV/AIDS funding to pay for child migrant detention, considered ways to legally erase trans people, and been linked to numerous anti-LGBT+ hate groups.

In February last year, the Trump government officially revoked guidance protecting transgender students in public schools and in May, the president reversed rules allowing transgender prisoners to use facilities matching their gender identity.

The trans military ban came into force in April and pushed countless trans people out of the military, and likely forced many more to live in the wrong gender to keep their jobs.

Then in August the president filed a brief arguing that it’s legal for employers to discriminate against staff based on sexual orientation, leading to a landmark Supreme Court battle that could see fundamental rights being stripped away for LGBT+ people.

Sadly it looks like this persecution is set to continue into 2020, as the new year has seen lawmakers across the country introducing harmful anti-trans bills in a dozen states as part of a conservative pushback against trans rights.