Simon Cowell’s take on Phillip Schofield’s coming out hits more bum notes than a season of X Factor

Simon Cowell and Phillip Schofield

Simon Cowell said his “gaydar isn’t great” while giving his take on Phillip Schofield coming out as gay.

Someone might need to tell the music mogul that gaydar isn’t actually a thing.

The X Factor mastermind said that Schofield’s decision to come out as gay “is a very positive thing” and suggested that homophobia in society is no longer an issue.

“You’ve seen the support he has got because nobody cares,” he told TalkRadio’s Dan Wootton.

“I’ve worked on films, TV, in music and probably 50 per cent of the people I have worked with are gay, have been gay, whatever.

“It’s not even a conscious thought any more.”

We think the eight in ten school pupils who recently revealed they’re pelted with verbal abuse and harassment for their sexuality might disagree that ‘nobody cares’ about sexuality.

Cowell admitted that was unaware of Schofield’s sexuality before he came out publicly, quipping: “My gaydar isn’t great.”

Simon Cowell speaks about his own sexuality.

Addressing rumours about his own sexuality, Simon Cowell revealed that “20 years ago” the first question he would be asked in interviews was: “Are you gay?”

“I would say ‘no’, they would say ‘yes, you are’ and I’d go: ‘Do you honestly think it would be a problem if I was?

“‘And that I would hide it like there is something wrong?'”

During the interview Cowell also addressed the future of The X Factor, which saw ratings plummet across its recent Celebrity and Band editions.

After 1.7 million people tuned in for the final of The X Factor: The Band – less than one-tenth of the 19.4 million it attracted at its peak in 2010 – it was announced that the show would be “rested” for a year.

Speaking about the decision, Cowell said: “I thought, since it is 2020, a new decade, we have to rest it for a year.

“We have to come back with a show that is relevant, different, a show that takes into account all the different things kids are watching and being influenced by.”

Phillip Schofield receives outpouring of love after coming out.

Since Schofield came out as gay in an emotional Instagram post, he has received messages of support from a number of celebrities.

Holly Willoughby, Schofield’s This Morning co-host, was amongst first to pay tribute with an Instagram post, saying that she’d “never been more proud of my friend that I am today”, sharing a picture of the pair to Instagram.

X Factor host Dermot O’Leary said that Schofield had the “heart of a lion”, while former contestant Rylan Clarke-Neal said: “No matter who you are or at what point in life everyone deserves to be their true self.”