Bisexual singer Josef says what we’re all thinking: That ‘it’s honestly weird to be straight’ in 2020

Joesef bisexual

Bisexual singer-songwriter Joesef has said that young people today are more open than ever about sexuality, claiming it’s “weird to be straight” in 2020.

The Scottish singer, who was last year announced as one of the contenders for the BBC Sound of 2020 poll, made the comments in an interview with Attitude magazine.

“I feel like everybody’s done a bit of something,” Joesef said.

“It’s hard to find someone that hasn’t at least dabbled. Honestly, it’s weird to be straight.”

Bisexual singer-songwriter Joesef said people are ‘so much more open-minded’ in his generation.

“People are so much more open-minded, especially in my generation. You go to a party and everybody’s up for anything. It’s not as rigid as it used to be, thank f**k.

He added: “It’s a good time to be about.”

The bisexual musician also spoke about coming to terms with his own sexuality, and said it wasn’t “a big thing” when he realised he was attracted to boys as well as girls.

It’s hard to find someone that hasn’t at least dabbled. Honestly, it’s weird to be straight.

“I didn’t grow up being like, ‘F**k, I’m gay.’ I just always kind of fancied boys as well, but kept it to myself,” he said.

He added: “I’d been with girls my entire life and then I went with a boy and that was it.”

He also revealed that his debut EP Play Me Something Nice, which was released last October, was about his first same-sex relationship.

He is still in touch with the ex-boyfriend who inspired his debut EP.

“The relationship was weird, it was my first one with a guy, so everything was new,” he said.

“We lived together for ages and then we broke up, but we were still hanging out, f**king about with each other, it was a real headf**k situation.

Despite this, he remains close with his ex-boyfriend. He said it’s “good to end amicably because you’ve given so much of your life to this person”.

He said that his ex messaged him after his EP was released.

“He enjoys attention anyway, so he’s absolutely loving it!” Joesef said.