Megan Rapinoe let rip on ‘pretty gay’ Vladimir Putin in a boozy Instagram Live – and she didn’t hold back

Megan Rapinoe

Donald Trump’s least-favourite lesbian Megan Rapinoe clearly isn’t afraid to make an enemy of another president as she boldly speculated on the sexuality of Russia’s homophobe-in-chief, Vladimir Putin.

Rapinoe let rip in an Instagram Live series that she and her partner Sue Bird are hosting through quarantine called A Touch More.

For their latest episode they were joined by two other sporting legends, Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor, for a hilarious, four-hour, booze-fuelled chat that carried on into the early hours.
Several hours in and with Rapinoe more than a little bit tipsy on Moscow Mules, the conversation pivoted from Michael Jordan and Maradona to the country of Russia and its notoriously homophobic reputation.

The soccer star said she’d love to visit Russia someday, but “don’t tell them I’m gay!”

Taurasi, who spent years playing basketball in Russia, assured her that most Russians aren’t hateful towards gay people and “love drag queens”, but they agreed that Putin is a different story.

“Well Putin… Putin seems pretty gay,” Rapinoe said.

“I mean… Putin’s basically a drag queen, his whole thing on the horse, I’m like, was this a big drag show, Putin?” she added.

“All you need is like a fur cape down your back and like, you coulda fooled us.”

We have to admit, she raises a good point. Something’s definitely going on here.

Vladimir Putin inexplicably riding shirtless on a horse in Siberia (YouTube/Fox News)

Rapinoe later admitted that she was “obviously drunk” and joked that the interview is “totally encroaching on my credibility [and] as a journalist, this is embarrassing”.

For some quality quarantine entertainment, check out A Touch More here:


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What can I even say about this one. @sbird10 @dianataurasi This was epic.

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