Homeless trans sex worker found after being brutally beaten to death with concrete blocks

Luz Clarita, a 23-year-old trans sex worker, was found dead, her body battered with concrete blocks. (Facebook)

The body of Luz Clarita, a homeless trans woman, was found inside a vacant lot, her remains bruised and bloodied and two concrete blocks lying either side of her.

Clarita, 23, was found murdered by stunned authorities on May 4 in La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras.

She was found by San Isidro Avenue, where local law enforcement believe that her attackers swung concrete blocks against her head until she was killed, local media reported.

Clarita has, activists say, become a headline dreaded by all in the LGBT+ community – the first recorded death of a trans or gender non-conforming person in the South American country in 2020.

But her name is just one in an “endless list” of trans women killed in Honduras, LGBT+ rights group El Comisionado Nacional de los Derechos Humanos (CNDH) wrote in a statement published Monday morning.

Homeless trans woman Luz Clarita battered with concrete blocks after ‘conflict’ with locals, police say. 

As countless locals carried out hushed Labor Day celebrations in their home under the coronavirus curfew Friday, Atlántida authorities and advocacy groups said, Clarita was fleeing for her life.

Clarita was a fixture in the northern port town. Known among CNDH workers as one of the countless trans sex workers speckling Le Ceiba who are forced to rely on donations from the group.

She lived on a threadbare budget, Sasha Rodríguez said, and CNDH’s food deliveries were a lifeline for her.

Yet, on Friday, as Rodríguez was out delivering handouts to the community, Clarita was nowhere to be found.

Police sources told broadcaster Teleceiba Internacional that Clarita was involved in a conflict with locals, where attackers killed her using concrete blocks.

“Once again, our transgender community dresses in mourning at another act of escalating violence against our vulnerable population,” CNDH representatives organisation said in a statement.

“A crime based on gender and hate.

“Luz Clarita thus joins an endless list of [trans women’s murders] in our country.”