Essential makeup tips, tricks and hacks for trans women that will make getting ready for Pride so much easier

Jecca Blac creates a Pride look

Jecca Blac is a gender-free brand set up by fierce trans ally and makeup artist Jessica Blackler after helping trans women in prisons.

She then set up a makeup studio that became a safe space for transgender women to meet, feel part of a community and leave feeling empowered.

Watch the trans makeup tutorial below:

The makeup is vegan and prides itself on being ‘gender-free’.

As part of PinkNews’ Pride for All campaign, Jecca Blac shared this makeup tutorial with tips tailored to transgender women’s FAQs.

She explained: “I am a cis woman but obviously a huge ally of the trans community, and I think it’s super important to be an ally and there are loads of different ways of being an ally.

“It’s important to offer support and it’s important to educate yourself and others.

“Every positive action creates a more positive environment for the trans community.”

In the trans makeup tutorial, Jecca creates a Pride look with a “glowy finish” and a “dewy, fresh look”, and shares tips for transgender women who might have specific questions about applying makeup during their transition.

Jecca Blac shared this Pride look makeup tutorial as part of PinkNews’ Pride for All festival, running 4 to 7 June, 2020.

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