Dubai influencers project ‘It’s a boy!’ on world’s tallest tower in ‘truly unhinged’ gender reveal party. It cost $140,000

Anas and Asala Marwah staged an elaborate gender reveal party in Dubai, splashing the gender of their unborn baby onto the Burj Khalifa. (Screen captures via YouTube)

While a literal wildfire half as big as Disney World scorches California after yet another gender reveal party slipped into mayhem, we regret to inform you of yet another celebration of a foetus’ genitals.

This time, two Instagram influencers in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, projected the sex of their second child on the world’s tallest tower in a gender reveal party that reportedly cost nearly $140,000 to pull off.

Remember how we’re in a global recession? Yeah.

Anyway, on Wednesday evening (9 September), Anas and Asala Marwah decided to drag Dubai’s some 3,3million residents into their gender reveal party by having “It’s a boy!” splashed on to Burj Khalifa following a countdown.

Footage of the spectacle immediately swept through Twitter, many mocking the couple for proving that perhaps those simple and wholesome gender reveal parties with the blue lasagne or the Jell-O-infused watermelon thrown into a hippo’s mouth weren’t even that bad.

If only we knew.

YouTubers’ dreams of having a ‘very big’ gender reveal party come true in the midst of a pandemic.

In a YouTube video uploaded onto the couple’s joint account, “Anasala Family”, they described not knowing the gender of their child before the countdown – a doctor’s confirmation handed to the lighting technicians minutes before.

“I am trying my best to give content that no one has ever seen before,” Asala told viewers. “To me, doing it in this way is something very big.”

“I ask Asala every day, ‘Who are we to be [reflected] on the Burj Khalifa? Why us and no one else?'” Anas said. Why the couple have this same conversation “every day” strikes us as a little strange, to be honest.

At a viewing spot by the Dubai Fountain, Asala and Anas were joined by scores of loved ones. “My heart is beating, I feel it is going to pop out of my chest and I feel much more excited than my wedding day,” Asala said.

Perched on the balcony, throngs of family members burst into tears with weird intensity over the set of genitals a foetus has. The couple embraced – their first child, Mila, staring blankly into the void – as the colour blue surged up the 828-metre tower at 7:58pm.

In the video documenting the reveal, which has been viewed more than 11 million times, the couple added the hashtags #MyDubai and #ThankYouEmaar – the tags are commonly used in promotional, collaborative videos with Dubai’s tourism board.

Couple’s extravagant stunt in a global pandemic and recession called ‘unhinged’ by Twitter users.   

Considering that gender reveal parties – denounced even by their creator – have led to planes crashing, arrests and death, people were sufficiently unimpressed by the couple’s elaborate reveal.