Mary Trump has a new job making sure her uncle Donald’s legacy remains a thing of the past

Mary Trump and uncle Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s estranged niece Mary has a new job helping LGBTQ candidates get elected, ensuring her uncle’s legacy remains a thing of the past.

Mary Trump, 55, became a prominent critic of her uncle after she wrote a scathing memoir Too Much and Never Enough about her family – including Donald Trump – and has been outspoken in her hatred for her uncle. In November, she penned an iconic tweet that encompassed her joy that Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

She wrote: “Overwhelmed. Grateful. Relieved. We did it.”

Trump has now taken on a new role in a political action committee that works to elect LGBT+ women to public office. LPAC, an organisation dedicated to giving queer women a greater voice in politics, announced on Friday (19 March) that she would be joining its board of directors.

Laura Ricketts, LPAC board chair, said in a statement that the organisation is proud to have Mary Trump join LPAC as she has “demonstrated thought leadership, media and political savvy over the last year” as she “stormed the country with her insights and opinions”.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have her join us in building the power of our political action community and developing the next generation of LGBTQ women leaders,” Ricketts added.

Trump, who is a lesbian, said she was excited to join the committee to “create more opportunity” for new LGBT+ political leaders. She said: “We will only create lasting and systemic change for progressive values if we increase the number of diverse players in power, and that includes LGBTQ women.”

In an interview with Politico about her new role, Trump said: “If it’s only men making decisions about women’s issues or straight people making decisions about LGBTQ issues, then that’s where we run into problems, and we’ve seen this.”

Trump reportedly worked with LPAC before the November election, and she will continue in her new role at LPAC to recruit candidates for office and raise funds ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

LPAC said it has raised more than $6.3 million and endorsed more than 150 queer political candidates since the committee was founded in 2012. Mary Trump told Politico she hopes to use her name and platform to “move away from what has been one of the worst administrations in the country’s history on almost every level”.