Christian ‘prophet’ claims God told him there’s an evangelist inside every homosexual, waiting to break free

Robin D Bullock

Robin D Bullock, a born-again Christian “prophet” in Alabama, has claimed that inside every homosexual there is an evangelist waiting to be released.

Bullock, according to his website, runs a church with his wife, also named Robin Bullock, and “operates heavily in the prophetic realm”, claiming that God can speak through him.

At the end of his church service on Tuesday (30 March), while responding to prayer requests, Robin Bullock started by claiming he could easily cure diabetes, yelling: “We command every pancreas to secrete the proper amount of insulin!”

But he swiftly moved on, suddenly closing his eyes and saying: “As far as homosexuality, this is what I’ve heard… This is what I’ve heard from the Lord.

“Homosexuality is a cover up for an evangelist. People that are in that lifestyle are really called [to be] evangelists by the Lord, and this is a spirit that attacks that to stop it.

“So, instead of just praying a lot of things right here, what I’m led to do is to call forth the gift of evangelism that God has placed on their lives, to come forth and it will drive that other out.”

As Robin Bullock’s maskless congregation swayed and nodded around him, he continued to describe how every gay person actually had an evangelical Christian inside them.

He said: “I call for the gift of evangelism, that call from God that those that are bound up in homosexuality, that the evangelist anointing will come upon their lives because that’s what they are.

“And we say to the evangelist inside the homosexual, ‘Come forth, come out of that tomb, and come forth in Jesus’ name.'”

When the trapped evangelists come out of the homosexuals, Robin Bullock added, Christians must “take off their grave clothes”.

Robin Bullock is an avid Donald Trump supporter, who has claimed that Joe Biden “does not exist“, that God has told him Trump is still the US president, and that if he were to “walk right back” into the White House now “and God will supernaturally move things out of the way”.