Jess Glynne ‘quits social media after being relentlessly trolled’ in aftermath of transphobic slur

Jess Glynne sings into the microphone

Jess Glynne has deleted her social media due to “trolling” after she said a transphobic slur, sources have claimed.

The flame-haired British singer sparked fury for a wildly offensive anecdote about a trans strip club during an episode of The Mo Gilligan Podcast earlier this year.

Detractors quickly tore through her Twitter mentions after she described between laughter taking a man to a “tranny strip club”.

The “Hold My Hand” hitmaker later walked back on her comments – they were a “mistake“, she said, and vowed to educate herself on trans rights – amid a cascade of calls to apologise.

But more than a month since the saga, and the 31-year-old has severed herself from social media altogether. Deleted her Twitter and Instagram pages to get away from the “relentless tirade of abuse” she faced, The Sun alleged.

A flashpoint for Glynne, it claimed, a tweet that told her to “go die, b***h”.

“It has been a horrid few weeks for Jess,” a source told the newspaper.

Jess Glynne sings into the microphone

Jess Glynne performs on stage during the MTV EMA’s 2015. (Vittorio Zunino Celotto/MTV 2015/Getty Images for MTV)

“She feels so upset about the whole situation and really felt like the only way to escape was to delete her accounts.

“It’s sad because she had great relationships with her fans online, but that has been ruined.

“This has been an incredibly difficult exper­ience for her, especially at a time when she has been in lockdown and unable to distract herself.

“These trolls don’t seem to realise how painful their words are and the impact the comments can have.

“She knows she is not a nasty person but is being relentlessly punished for a mistake which she apologised for.”

What did Jess Glynne say?

The singer appeared on The Mo Gilligan Podcast where, in a widely circulated clip in March, she recounted the time she and a friend stumbled upon a trans strip club.

“This is probably the funniest bit,” she said.

“We got to the end of our trail, whatever. It was like a tranny like strip club thing.

“He’s this bad man like: ‘What is this?’ There was just men dressed as […] he was stood in the corner like, ‘Oh my days.'”

The episode being wiped clean from all streaming platforms did little to temper the backlash again Glynne.

As a trans community leader and owner of the Harpies strip club tweeted at the time: “As the owner of a ‘tranny strip club’, I’d ask Jess Glynne to not use slurs to describe us or call us ‘men in wigs’.

“In fact, just leave us out of your funny anecdotes, we are not a laughing stock, we are human beings.”