‘Beautiful’ queer woman and her dog both killed in ‘gruesome’ murder while walking in the park

Katherine Janness queer atlanta murder

A queer woman and her dog have been killed in a “tragic” and “gruesome” murder while walking in the park in Atlanta, Georgia.

Katherine Janness, 40, was walking her dog Bowie in Piedmont Park, Atlanta, on Wednesday (28 July), when they were both stabbed to death.

Janness had told her wife, Emma Clark, that she would be going out for a short walk.

Hours later, when she hadn’t returned, Clark tracked Janness’ mobile found and found her wife’s body, along with their dog’s, in the park.

Atlanta Police Department is investigating the homicide but has no suspects and has not deduced a motive. It is offering a $10,000 reward for information.

On social media, authorities shared an image of Janness before her death, walking across a rainbow Pride crossing.

Deputy police chief Charles Hampton described the murder scene as “gruesome” when speaking to WSB

The queer Atlanta woman’s wife said her ‘world will never be the same’

Katherine Janness’ wife, Emma Clark, wrote on Facebook on Wednesday (28 July): “Today I lost the love of my life and my baby boy. It was tragic.

“She was the most intelligent, kind, humble, and beautiful person I have ever known. I wanted to spend every second with her. He was the sweetest most loyal companion.

“My heart is so very broken, my world will never be the same. Thank you to everyone who has reached out. It is truly appreciated.”

Janness was a member of the local Whole World Improv Theatre company, and a fellow member wrote on Facebook: “Katie was a friend to everybody at Whole World, and one of the coolest and most effortlessly badass people I’ve ever met.

“What happened to her and her dog is heartbreaking and terrifying.” 

A fundraising page to help her family with the costs related to her death has so far raised more than $40,000 (£29,000).