Governor Kate Brown gracefully explains bisexuality to Tucker Carlson after his foul, biphobic rant

Tucker Carlson

Oregon governor Kate Brown cleared up Tucker Carlson’s “confusion” about what it means to be bisexual after he went off on a tangent about her sexuality.

On Wednesday the Fox News host dedicated a segment of his show to criticising the governor’s COVID response, suggesting she was only elected because voters were told “over and over again [that] she is a self-described bisexual”.

“Kate Brown’s sex life was shattering ceilings. Woo-hoo,” Carlson snarked, before revealing – shock horror – that the governor has been happily married to a man for the past 23 years.

Carlson attempted to present this revelation as something of a “gotcha” moment, not realising that the only thing he was revealing was his own lack of understanding.

“If you look a little closer you notice something weird – actually, Kate Brown was married to a man,” he said. “Yes, he had a different last name, but he was still, as they say on TikTok, binary. He was a dude.

“That’s fine, of course, but it was also a little confusing. How does having a groom at her wedding make Kate Brown an official member of the LGBTQ exclamation point community? No one bothered to ask. That kind of curiosity is forbidden.

“It was like wondering why we don’t call Barack Obama half-white, which he is. It’s not allowed. ‘Stop with the questions! Celebrate!'”

If Tucker Carlson was really so curious, a quick Google would’ve cleared things up for him: bisexuality is simply defined as a sexual or romantic attraction to people of more than one gender.

One possible reason the people of Oregon haven’t “bothered to ask” how Brown’s marriage impacts her status as an “official member” of the LGBT+ community is that, unlike Tucker Carlson, they already know what bisexuality is and understand that she remains bisexual regardless of who she’s in a relationship with.

Kate Brown gracefully responded to his confusion on Twitter, telling him: “Tucker Carlson, that’s what bisexual means.

“To every bisexual person out there struggling to explain to your friends and family who you are and who you love: you are not alone,” she continued. “Don’t let the bullies stop you from being true to yourself. You might even be a governor someday.”

Tucker Carlson’s rant is an example of the erasure, bigotry and straight-up ignorance bisexual people often face in their everyday lives. Hats off to governor Kate Brown for handling it like a pro.