This official drag store is home to your favourite Drag Race queen’s merch

Drag Merch has officially launched in Australia and is home to Trixie Mattel, Katya, Bob The Drag Queen and Jinkx Monsoon merch.

Drag Merch has launched in Australia and it’s home to official merch from your favourite Drag Race queens.

Fans can get their hands on official t-shirts, pins, prints and more of the likes of Trixie Mattel, Katya, Bob The Drag Queen and Jinkx Monsoon.

It’s all in one place for the first time and you can shop the collections at

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They say: “We are an official stockist of merch for all your favourite drag queens! Show loud and proud support with fun t-shirts, accessories and more for all the queens and kings in Australia.”

Other Drag Race alumni’s merch you can buy from the website include Monet X Change, Manila Luzon, Jujubee, Alaska, Bebe Zahara Benet, Peppermint, Jiggly Caliente and Miz Cracker.

They’ve also confirmed that more are “coming soon” on the “only Australian drag queen merch site officially selling apparel”.

Below we’ve put together a list of some of the amazing merch you can buy.

Trixie and Katya t-shirt

Trixie and Katya t-shirt. (Drag Merch)

Fans of Drag Race legends and UNHhhh co-hosts can get this t-shirt featuring the iconic pair. This is just one piece of joint Trixie and Katya merch, with fans, a cap, more t-shirts and a tote bag also available. The duo recently brought their joint tour to Australia and will head to venues in North America and Europe later this year.


A Jinkx Monsoon hoodie.

A Jinkx Monsoon hoodie. (Drag Merch)

If you’re rooting for Jinkx Monsoon – who’s currently leading the pack – on All Stars 7 then you can support the legendary queen by buying their merch. This includes this “Bad Witch” hoodie in black, plus there’s a pink version that reads “Good Witch”. There’s also beanie hats in the same style and some iconic briefs that read “Water off a duck’s crack”. To shop all of Jinkx’s merch head to the website here.

Monet X Change print. (Drag Merch)

Monet X Change print. (Drag Merch)

Another All Stars 7 icon you can support through Drag Merch is Monet X Change. The hilarious queen who recently (and finally) won her second badge in the competition has a hoodie, a cap and this print on the website. This stunning print features the queen during her promo for the latest All Stars season.

A Bebe Zahara Benet fan. (Drag Merch)

Every drag fan needs an actual fan for the club, bar, beach, as a dance accessory, basically there’s plenty of functions for them. And what better than a leopard print fan that reads “I’m Pussy Bitch” and is inspired by the OG Drag Race winner, Bebe Zahara Benet who famously sang the line during her verse in “Drag Up Your Life” on All Stars 3 and has since revived it for her own track “Jungle Kitty”. You can buy it from Drag Merch here.

A Trixie Mattel pin. (Drag Merch)

A Trixie Mattel pin. (Drag Merch)

This cute pin is branded with Trixie’s recognisable logo. It’s the perfect addition to your backpack, jacket or a collectible for the Trixie fan in your life. Other badges include “Skinny Legend”, a Trixie corvette, Katya’s teeth, Alaska’s logo, Bob The Drag Queen’s best wig ever design and Peppermint’s lip sync assassin pin. To shop all of them head to Drag Merch.

A Trixie and Katya tote bag. (Drag Merch)

A Trixie and Katya tote bag. (Drag Merch)

You can also buy tote bags from Drag Merch, including this Trixie and Katya Baywatch-style one. There’s also bags from Alaska and Peppermint as well as Trixie’s own range, with a colourful beach bag in her signature colours. To shop them all head to Drag Merch.

To shop all of the collections head to