Tory MP Mark Jenkinson declares ‘a trans man is not a man’ in vile rant

Mark Jenkinson

Tory MP and assistant whip Mark Jenkinson has gone on an anti-trans rant in which he described gender-affirming surgery as “slicing off the breasts of young girls”.

On Saturday (1 October) Jenkinson, MP for Workington, shared a PinkNews article on recent research into the huge benefits of top surgery for trans adolescents and young adults.

Scientists found that “gender-affirming top surgery is associated with improved chest dysphoria, gender congruence, and body image in this age group”, but Jenkinson tweeted: “‘Slicing the breasts off young girls is good for them’ is a headline I never thought I’d read – even from PinkNews.”

Jenkinson was questioned on his comment by Sue Pascoe, a member of the LGBT+ Conservatives who described the tweet as an “inappropriate way of describing an NHS medical procedure for trans men with gender dysphoria which can only legally be performed in the UK upon a person over 18”, but the MP doubled down.

He continued: “The sole prerequisite to being a ‘transman’, is to be female… These are young girls, the article is clear. A transman is not a man and you know this Sue.

“I don’t get to call myself a chicken if I cover myself in feathers. I’m happy to attempt to refer to others as they wish and accept them as they present. But that doesn’t make it real.”

When told that the Equality Act 2010 trans people’s right to be respected and treated as their correct gender, Jenkinson added: “Thankfully we’re still in a world where the same act preserves my right to hold onto reality in all circumstances, and doesn’t force me to play along with nonsense.”

Despite Jenkinson’s purported concern for children, in 2020 the MP was slammed for arguing against the provision of government food parcels to families during the coronavirus pandemic, making the “seriously bonkers” claim that they were being “traded for drugs”.

SNP MP Chris Law responded at the time: “This is seriously bonkers.

“Suggesting drug dealers new currency is penne pasta, tinned beans and corned beef is extremely unlikely and doesn’t explain why punish millions of children and their struggling parents in England by voting against free school meals.”

But Jenkinson later doubled down on the claim, insisting: “It is a serious issue, it’s no surprise to anyone on the frontline that these things happen.”

PinkNews has approached the Conservative Party and the LGBT+ Conservatives for comment.