Married At First Sight star Thomas Hartley comes out as pansexual: ‘I’m happier than I’ve ever been’

A screenshot of Thomas and Adrian dressed in their wedding outfits from Married at First Sight UK. Thomas' grey suit looks to be made from velvet and he's wearing a formal white shirt and black bowtie and Adrian is dressed in a more conventional dark-looking suit with patterned tie.

Thomas Hartley, breakout star from the most recent series of Married At First Sight, has come out as pansexual to a wave of support from fans.

The reality TV star, who was paired with Adrien Anderson on the Channel 4 series, shared the news on Instagram alongside a video of himself dancing to Beyoncé’s hit song Cuff It and two images which laid out details of pansexuality.

“I came out when I was 15 as gay, however before the show I found that I was attracted to all genders and coming to be more fluid with my gender and liberated in my sexuality, I do now understand that I am pansexual,” Hartley wrote in the caption.

“Although I resonate more so with dating cis and trans men, I do find cis and trans women attractive to. I am at the beginning of this journey and I am more confident than I have ever been before.

“Pansexuality is not difficult to understand, however rather than be offended, I would rather help people understand and learn with resources and education.”

Thomas Hartley also thanked his fans for their continued support and explained that while he had discussed his sexuality during the filming of the show, it wasn’t included in the final edit.

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“Thanks for supporting me during MAFS and after, you have contributed to giving me the confidence to live in my truth,” he added.

The announcement follows Pansexual Pride Day earlier this month (8 December). As the graphic states, it is not the same as bisexuality, but rather the attraction to people “regardless of gender (yes there are more than 2 genders”.)

And, no – as Hartley points out – it is not the attraction to any form of kitchenware or cooking utensils, though those jokes are incredibly original.

Hartley followed up with another graphic on Twitter to clarify pansexuality’s definition compared to bisexuality, “for those who want to understand”.

“You are the sparkle in the sweetie shop of life… be proud and carry on breaking boundaries,” one fan wrote in response to Hartley’s announcement.

Another added: “This sounds like the best person to be! Have fun being you! Xx”

“Hey fellow Pansexual, sending you so much love and light,” a third added.

Thomas Hartley was known on the series for his outspoken opinions and his fierce zero-tolerance policy for shenanigans and tomfoolery.

Anderson and Hartley are no longer together – Hartley suggested on Twitter ahead of the Married At First Sight UK: Christmas Reunion that the pair are no longer on speaking terms.

“We don’t talk, we won’t talk and I’m happier than I’ve ever been”, he wrote, before adding “everyone’s going forth with their lives and I wish them the best”.

The explosive Christmas reunion show aired last night (12 December) and contained just about as many bust-ups as one might expect from a group of spouses that met at the altar.