MAFS’ Natalie is ‘speaking to someone special’ since show exit: ‘I’ve never dated a woman before’

The MAFS star has spoken about her love-life. (@natarai/Instagram)

Married At First Sight Australia’s Natalie Parham has spoken about new love on the horizon, admitting she’s “speaking to someone special”. 

If you’ve been hiding under a rock for the entirety of the reality series, Parham was married to Collins Christian, who came under scrutiny from the experts and viewers for “masking” during the experiment. Eventually, Parham had enough and officially left the experiment on day one of Intimacy Week. 

Since leaving MAFS, the physiotherapist has opened up about her current love life, admitting that she’s found herself in the talking stage of a lesbian relationship. “I have been speaking to someone special,” she said to Channel Nine following the reunion episode.

“We’ve known each other for years. We met when she was married and I was in a long-term relationship. I’ve never dated a woman before,” she said. “I’ve been attracted to them but I’ve never been able to take that step to go into dating.

“They have been an incredible support to me since I’ve left the experiment,” she added.

“Even if it just eventuates into a nice close friendship…we’re just going to see what happens,” Parham said.

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Given that the reunion was filmed almost six months ago, it’s not clear whether a serious relationship has blossomed since Parham and her mystery woman first started talking.

And Parham is not the only contestant on this year’s series to have spoken about her sexuality. Lucinda Light, who was paired in a heterosexual marriage with Timothy Smith, previously told how she has had a “colourful” dating history.

The celebrant hasn’t spoken in detail about her relationship history, but she has dropped a few hints here and there about her love life including her queer past

Speaking on the series, she said: “I’ve had a pretty colourful relationship background. I’ve had eight relationships, I’ve been a serial monogamer, I suppose you could say. I’ve dated a woman, I’ve given polyamorous relationships a go I’ve tried it all.”

As for her love of, well, love, Lucinda said: “I’m a modern-day cupid, and I absolutely love helping people find love. There’s a couple of speed dating babies coming up, there’s been relationships that are still going strong.”