That ‘90s Show’s coming out scene is definitely one of the most beautiful TV moments of the year

Screenshot from Netflix's That '90s Show featuring Ozzie and Kitty

Netflix’s heartwarming new sitcom spin-off That ‘90s Show has left queer fans feeling all kinds of emotional with one coming out scene.

The much anticipated series, which is a successor to the noughties hit That ‘70s Show, centres around Leia (Callie Haverda) and her friends hanging out at her grandparents house. Yet it’s her teenage pal Ozzie who is stealing hearts.

Ozzie, played by 14-year-old actor Reyn Doi, is openly gay among his peers but is yet to properly come out to anyone in the wider world. 

That changes in episode five, where Ozzie commits to enacting “step seven” in his “16-step coming out plan”, which is telling Leia’s grandma Kitty that he is gay.

Kitty is the much-loved matriarch of the series, and is played by original That ‘70s Show cast member Debra Jo Rupp.

The episode sees Ozzie teaching Kitty how to use her new computer, and as the pair’s bond grows, Ozzie prepares to tell her he’s gay.

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Too nervous to tell her in person, he’s emailed his coming out letter to her. However, while trying to open the email she ends up restarting the computer.

Desperate to get it off his chest, he just comes out with it, saying: “I’m gay. I’ve known for a while now. I wanted you to know. I even have a boyfriend, Etienne, who lives in Canada.”

Kitty responds, telling Ozzie that she “doesn’t know how to feel” about the revelation — because she has a friend whose ex was Canadian, and he stole her car.

The pair then go in for a hug, with Kitty saying that “of course” she is fine with Ozzie being gay.

“You just made me feel really special,” she tells him.

Their interaction is causing tears, joy and everything in between for viewers, who are praising Kitty’s nonchalant response.

“I love how safe Ozzie feels at their home and how important Kitty is to him. The show really does something to my spirit in the best ways,” one fan wrote.

“Ozzie coming out to Kitty and her being super sweet and accepting made me cry so much. It was just what I needed to see,” another added.

According to Doi, those in the audience while they filmed the show were immediately struck by the scene’s power.

“I know that a lot of people came up to me after we had filmed the show that Friday night, and they said, ‘That scene made me really emotional,’” he explained to People. “And I still get comments like that today. So, I’m happy that [comes across] on screen.”

“Being able to work with Debra Jo on such an important scene, I believe, to the show and also to Ozzie’s storyline was really amazing,” he added.