Drag Race stars defend Malaysia Babydoll Foxx after vile racist abuse: ‘Stop coming for our own’

Malaysia Babydoll Foxx

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 queen Malaysia Babydoll Foxx has been subjected to a wave of vile racist abuse following an Untucked spat with fellow contestant Marcia Marcia Marcia.

During the Untucked companion segment for episode six of the current season of Drag Race, Marcia and Malaysia rehashed a conflict from earlier in the episode in which their respective teams clashed over choosing a genre for the girl group maxi challenge.

After Marcia claimed that she was “so sick” of talking about the subject, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx stood her ground and asked not be be interrupted.

“Please do not cut me off,” she said. “Do not disrespect me. And today, I will stand my ground. I will not be disrespected.”

While the fight is pretty tame compared to the likes of ‘Go back to Party City’ and ‘Go have your cigarette, b***h’s of ye olde Drag Race‘, this hasn’t stopped social media users from immediately turning on Malaysia and revealing the toxic, racist underbelly of the fandom.

Showcasing the vile abuse on Twitter, the Florida queen sent out a PSA to those sending her hate.

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“Happy Black History month,” she wrote. “If you are a supporter of me please don’t send Marcia hate. These clowns do not represent her. Just exposing keyboard thugs! I dare you to take a trip to Miami I guarantee it’ll be a permanent stay!”

The screenshots attached include racist comparisons to monkeys, death threats, fatphobic abuse and warnings that her account will be deleted.

Malaysia, who is still in the running for the season 15 crown, followed up with another tweet addressing various aspects of the messages, noting that while trying to get her social media taken down is “stupid”, being racist is “disgusting”.

“Using [monkey] emojis and fat shaming me is insane,” she continued. “I didn’t realise I was fat and black until I got on Drag Race.”

Fellow Drag Race queens such as Willam, Detox and Heidi N Closet have since rallied around the foxy doll herself.

Season 14 queen Kornbread even asked Malaysia whether she wanted her to send the comments to her friend at Google to “find out their real page”.

Many Drag Race fans have further condemned the behaviour.

“Do not dare call yourself a fan of drag race if you send people messages like this,” one wrote.

“Y’all are literally feral, wtf is wrong with people,” added another.

“Rupaul’s Drag Race needs to be calling out their fans and also talking to Instagram so queens don’t get their account suspended,” a third tweeted. “Stop being racist and also stop coming for plus-size queens.

“Our community and drag is under attack daily. Stop coming for our own.”

Various season 15 queens have already spoken out against ‘fan’ treatment during the airing of the “biggest season yet”.

Marcia Marcia Marcia has called the experience the “worst thing ever” thanks to trolls, and Mistress Isabelle Brooks, whose Instagram account has thus far been removed by the platform three separate times, recently issued a scathing takedown of ‘has-been twinks’.