Marcia Marcia Marcia says Drag Race experience becoming ‘worst thing ever’ thanks to trolls

Drag Race season 15 contestant Marcia Marcia Marcia in a green dress and orange wig

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 contestant Marcia Marcia Marica has called out social media trolls for souring the queens’ experience on the show.

Marcia shared a video on Instagram on Thursday (26 January) denouncing toxic “bullies” in the fandom after fellow season 15 contestant Mistress Isabelle Brooks had her social media pages suspended for the third time in three days.

Marcia claimed that Mistress is being intentionally targeting by trolls who appear to be reporting her Instagram account following a minor confrontation between the pair during last week’s Drag Race Untucked episode.

Mistress had called Marcia’s look “cheap” during Untucked and said that her Snatch Game impersonation of author Tim Gunn was “not that funny”.

In Marcia’s video, she stressed that the small disagreement happened a year ago and that there was nothing but love and support between the season 15 sisters.

She urged her fans to stop attacking Mistress and turning what should be a “positive experience” into “the worst thing ever”.

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In her post, she said: “Obviously I don’t have any kind of physical evidence that my fans are the ones doing this because you’re all bullies hiding behind anonymous reporting practices.

“I would just to say for the 1000th time that I do not support this, I do not appreciate it. It makes me feel really awful because I can’t do anything to help her.

“You are literally attacking a person you do not know for something that happened like a year ago.”

Marcia added: “This kind of abuse is not just affecting Mistress — shocker of the century, it is disproportionately affecting the queens in our cast who are not thin, white people.”

The drag performer went on to say that the season 15 queens are all in a group chat together where they talk all the time, and that there are no current conflicts between any of them.

“It’s truly the most exhausting thing in the world. This is supposed to be a positive experience for all of us and it is turning into the worst thing ever,” she said.

After her Instagram account was suspended for a third time on Thursday (26 January) ahead of tonight’s episode, Mistress released a statement in which condemned the Drag Race fandom for “attacking its own” by targeting an LGBTQ+ performer.

She wrote: “We are in a horrible political climate; queer spaces are being threatened, queer lives are being threatened and as drag entertainers we are at the top of people’s hit lists.

“Now more than ever it’s important to come together as a community and spread love. It truly baffles me that this same community being targeted and needing unity more than ever is destroying and attacking its own.

“We all went into this with a desire to showcase our art, and make this season one to remember. It’s just TV,” she said.

Other Drag Race queens, many of whom are no stranger to the toxicity exhibited by some of the show’s fans, have rallied around Mistress and thanked Marcia for speaking up.

Responding to Mistress’ statement, season 14 alum Deja Skye wrote: “Hang in there sis!! You will come out on top.”

“Please remember that every artist who has been on Drag Race is human; full of life experience, emotions and layers beyond what you see on your television screen,” wrote Canada’s Drag Race queen Gia Metric.

“We are not just characters in this little game you watch every week. Stop this bullying.”

Some of the fandom have also offered their support for Mistress and begged other Drag Race fans to get their act together.

“You’re not a fan of Drag Race if you’re sending hate to these queens over a reality show that was filmed a year ago. Some of y’all need to get your priorities straight,” one person said.

Another added: “Once again, year after year, the worst thing about Drag Race are the ‘fans’.”

Drag Race season 15 has already been one of the most controversial to date, thanks to the poorly-received decision by MTV to cut the episodes down to just 40 minutes – a move that has prompted criticism both from fans and queens alike.

RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 airs on Fridays 8/7c on MTV in the US and is available to watch on Wow Presents Plus on Saturdays from 2am GMT in the UK.

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