RuPaul’s Drag Race legend Sasha Velour teases long-awaited return

Sasha Velour's wig reveal in the final of Season 9.

Sasha Velour, the winner of RuPaul’s Drag Race season nine, has thrown down her wig to compete against America’s current drag superstar, Sasha Colby, in the next all-winners edition of All Stars.

Every Drag Race fan in the world remembers where they were the moment Velour snatched the crown in 2017. The very second the bald-headed queen plucked her wig off her head to reveal a cascade of rose petals was also the second that the crown slipped through frontrunner Shea Coulée‘s fingers, landing gently atop Velour’s head.

Fast forward six years from season nine, and former Miss Continental Sasha Colby has joined Velour in the Drag Race Hall of Fame, having won the show’s 40-inch-wig, glass-of-ice-water, trans excellence-filled 15th series, making both queens eligible for the next instalment of All Winners, should it materialise.

Sasha Velour wants to compete on the next All Winners season of Drag Race – against Sasha Colby (Getty Images)

Although both Sashas have both performed in Velour’s hugely successful Night Gowns show, the pair have yet to appear on TV screens together. That reality may be coming sooner than expected, though, after the season nine victor teased a return to the franchise while appearing on ET Canada.

Discussing her new book The Big Reveal, Velour opened up about a Sasha-Sasha face-off within the fabled pink fabric walls of the Drag Race Werk Room.

After being asked by interviewer Dallas Dixon whether she’d enter the Drag Race arena once more, Velour surprisingly revealed that she’d had a change of heart.

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“[My answer] has changed, actually. I think seeing the all-winners show, I loved how they didn’t eliminate the queens. I didn’t want to go back and be eliminated.”

“The chance to show what we can do on TV, we all got to take advantage of that and I loved watching it,” she continued.

“They used to leave me alone having won and now I get asked this question. But seriously, I’ve actually kind of been dying to do it.”

Velour was then asked which winner she’d like to see in the werk room against her on another season of all-winners, and her answer was: “Sasha Colby, of course. My drag sister, we’re like family. So different in style, but we have such a good time together. Both pretty chill as drag queens go but we bring the drama on stage.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race‘s next spinoff is All Stars 8, but seeing as World of Wonder is known for having numerous (curling) irons in the fire, All Winners 2 is probably not that far away…