Monét X Change has no doubt she won the final lip sync of All Stars 7: ‘I murdered that’

A graphic showing cut-out images of drag queen Jinkx Monsoon on the left wearing a orange wig and leopard print dress over a pink top with the right side of the picture showing an image of drag queen Monét X Change wearing a shiny silver outfit

In the all winners edition of All Stars, Monét X Change was beaten in the deciding lip sync of the season by Jinkx Monsoon – but it seems opinions vary wildly on who actually emerged victorious.

The queen rose to fame when she competed on season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, before going on to win All Stars 4 with Trinity the Tuck and claim the runner-up spot in All Stars 7.

Appearing on Sissy That Talk Show, a series in which host Joseph Shepherd interviews various Drag Race alumni about their time on the show and beyond, Monét revealed what she really thought of the final lip sync judging.

“We all saw the ‘Swish Swish’ lip sync,” said Shepherd. “Did you kill that?”

“I murdered that ‘Swish Swish’ lip sync. When I tell you that is one of my favourite and proudest lip syncing moments – not on Drag Race, in my career,” Monét replied.

“I bodied that lip sync, no one can tell me different.”

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The Drag Race triple alumni has previously spoken out about how her lip sync was liberally edited down in the final cut.

While we didn’t get to see it in the edit, Monét told EW that she harkened back to the days of yore (All Stars 3), and wrote Jinkx’s name on a lipstick that she revealed at the top of the song.

Those in the presence of the queen, however, were blessed with the full gag – and according to Monét, this included the entire cast and crew of the show.

“When the lip sync happens, a lot of the crew and people who work behind the scenes, come into the main stage to watch the lip sync.

“But when I tell you literally the entire production came into the soundstage to watch the lip sync. They were bopping and vibing and clapping and really into the number.”

The aforementioned ‘bopping’ of the audience, Monét said, was down to her:

“No shade, I think it was a lot of the things that I was bringing to the lip sync – pulling out the Jinkx lipstick, presenting it to the camera, putting it on my lips, throwing it to her, making her kiss my ring, throwing that money.

“When I threw that money in the air? B***h, that was the moment. You hear the girls go ‘Oooh’.”

As the founding member of the resistance group ‘Release the Monét cut’, Miss X Change then reaffirmed that this remains at the top of their manifesto.

“I am unbelievably proud of that lip sync. I want to see the uncut version just to see myself have a great time onstage,” she added.

You heard the queen, World of Wonder. Release the Monét cut.

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