RuPaul’s Drag Race season 15 just crowned a winner, baby

The winner of the 15th and biggest ever season of RuPaul’s Drag Race has been crowned in a sickening finale.

Warning: sickening spoilers ahead.

After 15 weeks of conflama, drama, drag delusion and more ‘gates’ than Hyde Park, RuPaul has inducted the 15th queen into the Hall of Fame – to stand alongside the likes of Willow Pill, Symone and Jaida Essence Hall.

After the 16 queens of season 15 gave us looks that all feel like the final evolution of their Pokémon characters, Ru announces that the format of the finale would follow season 14’s template.

The top four of Mistress Isabelle Brooks, Luxx Noir London, Anetra and Sasha Colby each performed a bespoke number, rather than a lip-sync smackdown for the crown à la seasons nine to 13.

Mistress gave us a trademark tongue-in-cheek number about drag delusion, Anetra danced the absolute house down in a gorgeous lotus-inspired costume, Luxx Noir London emulated fashion and Sasha Colby, unsurprisingly, blew the roof off the theatre with a “goddess” performance and a snaky reveal that we truly did not see coming.

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Elsewhere in the finale, legendary Cher designer Bob Mackie received a touching tribute and a ‘Giving Us Lifetime Achievement Award’ for “priceless contributions to glamour, beauty and excitement”. Worth more than a Emmy!

In a completely unsurprising – but absolutely deserved – turn of events, the top two were called as Anetra and Sasha, which is the exact result viewers predicted following their lip-sync LalaPaRuza smackdown, way back in episode eight.

It’s worth noting that Mistress and Luxx looked pressed – but wouldn’t you?

Orville Peck and Leland perform a number from Wigloose to emphasise how ridiculous drag bans sweeping the nation are and season 14 winner Willow Pill stunned the entire audience in a gorgeous Cherry Blossom step-down look.

We also got the Miss Congeniality crowning after the top four had individual interviews with Mama Ru – and it’s Malaysia Babydoll, babydoll, babydoll Foxx! The baddest bitch of the season 15 finale got her flowers (and a nice cash cheque). I said what I said.

All Stars 7 winner and soon to be Doctor Who star Jinkx Monsoon also appeared onstage to give the gays a sickening rendition of “When You’re Good To Mama” from her role as Mama Morton in Chicago.

Sasha and Anetra then reappeared to perform “Knock On Wood” as their final lip sync song. They both burned the stage as though it was their last time in drag, with Sasha Colby’s gigantic coat prompting laughs from the audience – before a second reveal gagged them even further.

Anetra by no means let Sasha steal the spotlight, bouncing around the stage, walking her duck and even pulling out the heart of her outfit for her own sickening reveal. Props to both queens for their reveals being unexpected.

After a nail-biting lip-sync, the winner was eventually called as … Sasha Colby, who dedicated her win to every trans person watching – past, present and future.

Sasha Colby wins the season 15 crown (WOW)

Fans gagged at the news, although many called it the most obvious crowning the show has ever seen.

Fans showed runner-up Anetra love too, with many predicting her eventual All Stars return.

With the Drag Race season finale over and the winner chosen, the Drag Race mega-machine is sure to be turning its sights elsewhere soon enough.

PinkNews has the All Stars 8 and UK Vs.The World season two cast lists available, and although there’s no official word on the latter, a brief teaser of the former has announced the series for 12 May.

For now, Sasha Colby reigns supreme, and the world is at peace.

The Drag Race season 15 finale is now streaming on WOW Presents Plus.