Drag queen slays lip sync as both George Santos and alter-ego Kitara Ravache – and it’s hilarious

Meatball as George Santos

Los Angeles-based drag queen Meatball has performed as infamous gay Republican George Santos and his alleged drag persona Kitara Ravache – and fans are loving it.

In a video that’s gone viral online with more than 250,000 views, Meatball is seen performing as Santos at Sasha Velour’s New York NightGowns event.

Before Meatball takes to the stage, a screen shows clips of Santos and the various scandals that have rocked his time as a congressman – including the reported revelation that he once performed as a drag queen called Kitara Ravache.

In the hilarious number, the drag performer first performs in an suit and tie, bearing an uncanny resemblance to the gay Republican, before tearing away the day-look to reveal a pink gown, clear stilettos and a shake-and-go wig. It’s a direct reference to the costume Santos wore in photos of his time as Kitara.

‘This is me’

In the clip, Meatball performs a lipsync to the “This Is Me” track from the film The Greatest Showman.

Fans flooded the comments to underline how iconic the performance really was. One person wrote: “I enjoyed every second of this. Fantastic!”

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Another person said: “The reveal has me SCREAMING.”

Kitara Ravache was born in 2008

Openly gay politician George Santos – who was sworn into the House of Representatives for New York on 7 January – has been a vocal advocate of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation in the US. 

Such legislation includes ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bills which ban teachers from discussing gender identity or sexual orientation in schools, as well as equating drag performances as ‘grooming’. 

The alleged images of Santos were shared by journalist Marisa Kabas on Wednesday after speaking with drag queen Eula Rochard, who claims she was friends with Santos while he was living near Rio de Janeiro. 

The 2008 photo depicts Santos, known at the time by his middle-name Anthony, in a drag costume under the moniker Kitara Ravache.

Rochard confirmed the photo in question was from a drag show at Icaraí Beach. 

Kabas reports Rochard told her she met Santos when he was 16 or 17 years old and the pair “became friends because they were both gay and enjoyed drag”. 

“Eula saw a story about Santos on Brazilian news and was sure it was him. She shared the news with a group of friends and everyone doubted her. So she looked for an old picture to confirm, and she decided to post it to social media to prove to her friends that she was right,” Kabas wrote in a Twitter thread.