Marjorie Taylor Greene, who calls drag queens ‘groomers’, thinks it’s fine for her boyfriend to do drag

Marjorie Taylor Greene and her boyfriend Brian Glenn in drag

Far-right Republican politician Marjorie Taylor Greene has defended her boyfriend dressing in drag, despite previously referring to drag queens as “child grooming predators”, and the internet is trolling her for it.

The representative for Georgia has a long history of anti-LGBTQ+ rhetoric, most recently referring to life-saving gender-affirming healthcare as a “child mutilation industry” on Wednesday (24 June) in a social media post where she appeared to minimise the violent attacks on Target store Pride Month displays.

Last month, Greene lashed out a lesbian stepmum for not being a ‘real’ mother in a homophobic verbal attack and dubbed trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney a “paedophile”. She has called Democrats “groomers” and “paedophiles” for supporting gender-affirming care for trans youth, claimed that straight people will be extinct in “about four or five generations” and even sold t-shirts mocking mpox, which has particularly affected gay and bisexual men.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Greene has previously proclaimed she is anti-drag, tweeting in June last year that it “should be illegal to take children into drag queen shows and strip clubs”.

Repeating the homophobic conspiracy theory that LGBTQ+ people and drag performers are a threat to young people, she continued: “We must protect children from child grooming predators and abusers in every way possible.”

But following the emergence of a video which shows her partner, Brian Glenn, dressed in drag as an older woman, Greene’s stance on drag appears to be different when it’s her boyfriend doing it.

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The clip was shared by Patriot Takes – a Twitter account that monitors the right wing – on 21 May, accompanied by a video of Greene saying: “You’re damn right we’re upset over drag queens.”

Dressed in a pink frock and blonde wig, Greene’s partner Glenn can be seen promoting a local theatre production. “I’m kicking the shoes off,” he says in the clip. “I may keep the pantyhose on. It does feel kind of good, actually.”

Greene doesn’t appear have a problem with this, responding by posting “I’m literally lol’ing” on Twitter on Monday (22 May), before stating that the video was from “years ago” while Glenn was “reporting on an upcoming local theatre production”. 

“The morons over at Patriot Takes think this is an attack. Brian loves the throwback and is reposting,” Greene wrote. “The left is so stupid.” 

Glenn, who is a director of programming at right-wing network RSBN, quote-tweeted a post on Monday (22 May) which called the couple hypocrites, and explaining that he did it for his job.

“The things I did for morning show television!!” he wrote. “LOVED it and so did the @wfaa @WFAADaybreak viewers. It’s a good thing I have a sense of humour!”

However, social media users were less than impressed by Greene’s “hypocrisy” around the issue of drag.

One Twitter user simply responded with the phrase: “‘It’s different when we do it’ – Republicans.”

Another wrote: “Marjorie, do you know how hypocritical this tweet is? You rail against LBGTQ and drag queens but choose to defend one that is closely connected to you.

“You need to pick a side and stay on it. This is what they’re talking about. The schoolyard name-calling doesn’t change that.”

Greene’s divorce from her now ex-husband of 27 years, Perry Greene, was finalised in December 2022 after she filed for the split in September that year. 

In April, Glenn shared a picture of the pair which Greene reposted, adding: “Love living life with you.”