Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks straight people are going extinct. Yes, really

Marjorie Taylor Greene addresses supporter

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks straight people are going extinct and we have no words.

Greene, who represents Georgia’s 14th congressional district, made the bizarre claim that heterosexual people will vanish in “four or five generations” as she spread misinformation about the Uvalde school shooting.

And she, of course, said that as a lead up to say something anti-trans.

During a Facebook live broadcast on 28 May, Greene said: “They just want you to think that all of a sudden the entire population is steadily turning gay or turning trans.

“Probably in about four or five generations – no one will be straight anymore,” she said.

“Everyone will be either gay or trans or non-conforming. Whatever the list of 50 or 60 different options there are.”

We can only hope.

According to pollster Gallup, more Americans say they are LGBTQ+ than ever before. But straight people aren’t exactly few and far between – 92.9 per cent of Americans still identify as heterosexual, the 2021 poll showed.

In the live, Greene joined the growing number of right-wing politicians and pundits who have helped spread a debased rumour that Salvador Ramos, who killed 19 children and two adults at Robb Elementary School before being shot to death by law enforcement, was trans.

She said in the broadcast “something doesn’t add up” as the shooter “had a lot of mental issues going on, as was shown with him wearing eyeliner, cross-dressing, a lot of his language, being a loner”.

A post on the fringe messaging board 4chan first ignited the claim, soon spilling to Telegram channels of far-right militia group Proud Boys and throughout Twitter.

It was then later amplified by Arizona Republican Paul Gosar, anti-trans author Candace Owens and rabble-rousing radio show host Alex Jones.

Three trans people who don’t even live in Texas have seen their photographs wrongly linked to Ramos. The Trans Safety Network, a British monitoring group, confirmed in a statement all three falsely identified trans people are “very much alive” and debunked many of the photographs Greene referred to.

This is in no way the first time Marjorie Taylor Greene has used any excuse to tear into trans rights. The toadying QAnon follower once appeared on Alex Jones’ Infowars to dismiss claims she “hates transgenders” only to then call them “predators“.

She has claimed the Democratic Party are turning “kids gay and transgender” and said she considers women as the “weaker sex“.