MrBeast YouTube star Chris Tyson breaks silence over removal rumours 

Chris Tyson

MrBeast’s childhood friend and YouTube collaborator Chris Tyson has addressed rumours that they were removed from the social media star’s team, saying “I’m just going to come and go as I please”.

Tyson – who uses any pronouns – regularly appears in MrBeast’s videos and recently opened up about their gender journey and experience of receiving hormone replacement therapy (HRT) on social media. 

On 6 April, Tyson shared that HR had saved their life, receiving praise for their openness from fans.  

“Informed consent HRT saved my and many others’ lives,” Tyson tweeted. “The hurdles gnc [gender non-conforming] people have to jump through to get life-saving gender-affirming healthcare in a 1st world country is wild to me. 

“Just let people make informed decisions about their own bodies.”

A day later, the content creator shared a photo of themselves smiling in the sun alongside the joyful caption: “It’s never too late, to start being yourself.”

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Despite backlash from transphobic trolls, their long-time friend MrBeast – real name Jimmy Donaldson – has stood by them, hitting out at haters who suggested that continuing to collaborate with Tyson could jeopardise the MrBeast fanbase. 

Australian YouTuber SunnyV2 – real name Lachlan Windross – was one of them, sharing a video on 13 April entitled “Why Chris will soon be a nightmare for MrBeast”. MrBeast wasn’t impressed, responding on Twitter with a withering putdown. 

“Yeah, this is getting absurd,” the YouTuber and philanthropist replied. “Chris isn’t my ‘nightmare’ he’s my f**ken friend and things are fine. 

“All this transphobia is starting to p**s me off.” 

Despite this public display of support, rumours circulated online that Tyson had been dropped from the MrBeast team after they didn’t appear in a recent video. 

But Tyson has now laid any confusion to rest in a Snapchat stream, clarifying that they’re still part of MrBeast’s team, but wanted to spend more time with their son, Tucker, who is two years old. 

Tyson was answering a number of fan questions, including one that read: “Did u also get removed from MrBeast team bc they also keep lying about that.”

They responded: “Nope, I pretty much told Jimmy [MrBeast], just because I want to spend time with Tucker, and he’s travelling a lot, I’m just going to come and go as I please.

“I came to Japan and I left when I pleased, and I went. I don’t know if I can say I went to Mexico. I went to Mexico, and then I came back.”

Tyson announced the birth of their child, Tucker, in 2020.

In January, Tyson said they were stepping back from social media for a time after being criticised for wearing nail polish around Tucker.

“I can take all the jokes and hate comments and stuff, no problem,” they tweeted. “But people sending me messages telling me I’m the reason my kid is going to kill himself one day is way too f**king much.”

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