Canada vs. The World star slams ‘bitter’ fan complaints about returning queens


Canada vs. the World season two contestant Lemon has slammed viewers for complaining that several queens have returned to the franchise more than once – and offered a sickening alternative.

Lemon, who first strutted onto screens (and was robbed of a top four spot) in the inaugural season of Canada’s Drag Race in 2020, returned later to become the Porkchop of spinoff RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Vs. The World in 2022 – now, she’s back, back, back, back, back again for the second season of Canada Vs. The World.

The Canadian diva is one of three queens on the gagworthy cast to be getting her third chance to snatch a crown, the other two being Drag Race UK‘s Cheryl and the flagship franchise’s Kennedy Davenport.

However, two other queens on the cast are back for round four; Eureka! and Alexis Mateo, both of whom have already appeared on three separate seasons of the show.

Since the cast reveal, fan reaction, particularly to Eureka!, has been mixed; luckily Lemon has an idea for what viewers can do instead of complaining that certain queens keep getting called back to the Werk Room.

Posting on X, Lemon wrote: “And instead of commenting a thousand times that you don’t wanna see returning queens, why don’t you all go FOLLOW and support the queens who ARE back for the first time!?!” Period.

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She then tagged her cast sisters that are back for the first time; Drag Race UK‘s Le Fil, Drag Race France‘s La Kahena and her Canadian sisters Tynomi Banks and Miss Fiercalicious.

The Canada Vs. The World contestant then followed up with: “They are all so f**king sickening,” and another post which read: “But also i’m BACK b*tch nothing u can do about it… being bitter is supposed to be my thing.”

The trailer for Canada Vs. The World, season two, dropped on July 2, and teased a major shakeup to the traditional Vs. The World elimination format.

It also gave viewers a glimpse of a healthy dose of drama for the season, and confirmed a gagworthy lineup of guest judges and stars, including previous winner Ra’jah O’Hara, Real Housewives royalty Lisa Rinna and singer-songwriter Alessia Cara.

Season two of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. The World will air on 19 July on BBC iPlayer in the UK, Crave in Canada, and WOW Presents Plus globally.

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