Fans are convinced this iconic Drag Race winner is set to appear in All Stars 10 – here’s why

RuPaul on All Stars 9

Canada’s Drag Race winner Venus has been lined up for All Stars 10. Well, that’s what fans believe – and the evidence is pretty solid.

One thing about Drag Race; it loves a spinoff. The non-elimination charity season All Stars 9 is well underway, Global All Stars is up next with a sickening cast list, (if rumours are to be believed), and a second season of Canada’s Drag Race: Canada vs. The World is coming very soon.

As if the Runiverse isn’t full enough, the rumour mill for the cast of All Stars 10 has already clicked into gear, and there’s one extra surprising name on the list.

Canada’s Drag Race crowned its fourth winner earlier this year and it seems Vancouver-based champion Venus could be the second Canadian to take a trip to the American werk room, following Jimbo’s appearance on All Stars 8.

So, what’s the evidence?

For starters, All Stars 10‘s rumoured filming date starts this week, or at least very soon, and will span next month or so. It just so happens that drag convention Drag Con LA takes place at the same time, on 19 and 20 July.

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Last night, Venus told her followers on Instagram that she wouldn’t be appearing at the event because of an unspecified commitment.

“Some of you may already be aware but I unfortunately won’t be able to attend DragCon LA next month,” the queen wrote. “I was really looking forward to getting to meet all you angels but at this time it’s just not feasible.

“Not being able to be among all my sisters and all of you who continue to support me, especially during my reigning year, is not what I imagined.”

See where we’re going with this?

Venus could be heading for the US werk room. (@legallyvenus/ Instagram)

That’s not all, though.

Fans have noticed another hint in the next line of text from Venus: “Creator works in mysterious ways and I’m counting on all my stars that it’ll be worth it.”

If the phrase “all my stars” isn’t a sign that the planetary diva is headed to the Drag Race spin-off, we’re not sure what is.

Further evidence to consider is the fact that the Instagram Story post was underscored by SZA’s banger, “All the Stars”, and a follow-up post included a caption that read: “Always serving 10s”, alongside two star emojis.

We rest our case, your honour.

We know that the queen met RuPaul during the latter’s book tour for memoir The House of Hidden Meanings, so perhaps the invitation was extended then. We’re just devastated that Melinda Verga doesn’t seem to have received hers.

Elsewhere, legendary show alumni Detox and Naomi Smalls have said they want another go around – but the similarly iconic Tatiana has rebuffed the idea.

All Stars 9 (and seasons 1-8) are available to watch on WOW Presents Plus, while Canada’s Drag Race is available on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

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