All the tea on Challengers director Luca Guadagnino’s new film After the Hunt as cast photo drops

Julia Roberts, Chloë Sevigny, Andrew Garfield and Ayo Edebiri begin filming Luca Guadagnino’s After The Hunt

Giving us no time to catch our breath after Challengers, Luca Guadagnino is already back with After the Hunt, another star-studded, heart-stopping movie – this time starring A-list legend Julia Roberts.

The Italian director, the king of smouldering LGBTQ+ cinematic desire, has seemingly begun production on After the Hunt after new pictures of the cast have been posted taking part in what looks like a table read.

The cast photo is full of famous faces. As well as Pretty Woman’s Julia Roberts, it also stars Spider-Man‘s Andrew Garfield and The Bear‘s Ayo Edebiri

On Sunday (7 July), Edebiri posted an image of the cast on her Instagram.

After the Hunt #notastory,” Edebiri captioned her post, the second image of which is a screenshot of Guadagninio’s message to Edebiri.

Luca Guadagnino sent the cast image to Edebiri and wrote: “Post it!! I sent it to Julia too!” He then adds: “Not a story!!!” Our Insta king!

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Roberts posted the same image on her own Instagram account, captioning the image: “Here we go! Luca!!!!!” 

Lizzie’s Chloë Sevigny joined her fellow casemates in posting the image. “#backtowork After The Hunt directed by the great Luca Guadagnino,” Sevigny captioned the photo on Instagram.

What is the plot of After the Hunt?

After the Hunt is an intensely dramatic thriller that revolves around a college professor (Roberts) whose personal and professional life is thrown into turmoil.

When a star pupil accuses a colleague of misconduct, she’s drawn into the investigation and the ramifications soon become widespread. 

Simultaneously, a dark secret from the professor’s past emerges and threatens to come to light.

The story explores the nuances of these intertwined issues as both professor and student navigate the serious accusation. 

After the Hunt is penned by Nora Garrett. Brian Grazer and Allan Mandelbaum are producing the film, with Karen Lunder as executive producer alongside Garrett.

Who stars in After the Hunt?

Guadagnino is no stranger to working with some of Hollywood’s greatest stars, but the cast of After the Hunt is mighty even for him. 

As mentioned above, Julia Roberts is set to appear in the film as the central character, the college professor. 

As well as Roberts, it will be Edebiri and Garfield’s first time working with Guadagnino. 

Chloë Sevigny also joins the thriller, working with the director for the third time after the bloodthirsty cannibal romance Bones & All and HBO series We Are Who We Are.

Michael Stuhlbarg, who played the devastatingly wise father of Timothée Chalamet’s protagonist in Call Me By Your Name, is reuniting with Guadagnino in this film. 

Stuhlbarg is playing a character named Frederik Olsson.

Mutt’s Lio Mehiel, Legion’s Ariyan Kassam and Will Price were also present in the table read photograph.

When will After the Hunt be released?

Currently, no release date for After the Hunt has been announced but we should be able to get a better idea of the premiere date when the film wraps production.

After the Hunt isn’t the only film that Guadagnino’s working on; Queer, starring Daniel Craig and Outer Banks star Drew Starkey, is another production that he’s helming at the moment.

The film, which is set to feature “outrageous” and “scandalous” gay sex scenes, is an adaptation of William S. Burroughs’ short novel of the same name. 

Queer follows Lee (who will be played by the ex-James Bond actor) as he navigates life in Mexico City, jumping from bar to bar in search of companionship when he comes across Allerton and becomes obsessed with the young man.

The Crown’s Lesley Manville, Asteroid City’s Jason Schwartzman and The New Mutant’s Henry Saga are also set to star in the film.

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