Julia Roberts thinks this Pretty Woman character would now be dead

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman,

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere might have created one of the most beloved romcoms of all time with their 90s hit Pretty Woman, but Roberts believes that the love story might have taken a fatal turn.

In Garry Marshall’s Golden Globe-winning film, Julia Roberts plays Hollywood sex worker Vivian Ward, who meet rich businessman Edward Lewis (Richard Gere) after a chance encounter leaves him stranded in Hollywood Hills’ red light district.

Though Edward initially pays to sleep with Vivian, he ultimately develops feelings for her and invites her to spend a week with him as he travels for business meetings. In the ensuing days, Vivian changes her look, and Edward begins to open up to her.

If you’ve seen the film, you’ll know there’s a few bumps in their road to romance, but eventually, they appear to get a happy ever after – well, for a while anyway, if 56-year-old Leave The World Behind star Roberts’ prediction is to be believed.

According to the star, who received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress for her role in Pretty Woman, Gere’s Edward would likely be dead today, and therefore, so would his and Vivian’s relationship.

“I think he passed away peacefully in his sleep from a heart attack, smiling,” Roberts told CBS Good Mornings host Gayle King in a recent interview, adding: “And now she runs his business.”

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In the conversation, Roberts also shared her thoughts on where some of her other notorious characters would be.

Speaking about her character Julianne in My Best Friend’s Wedding, Roberts declared that nothing would have happened between her character and her best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney), as he would have stayed “married and faithful” to wife Kimmy (Cameron Diaz).

Julianne would have started a “Do It Yourself” show on HGTV with her gay best friend George (Rupert Everett), with the pair becoming “wildly famous”, according to Roberts.

Roberts also believes that Notting Hill‘s Hollywood A-lister Anna Scott has stopped acting, Roberts thinks. 

“She’s retired,” Roberts explained. “She has six children and has maintained her waist size amazingly and yeah, he (William, played by Hugh Grant) runs the bookshop still and now there’s a little knitting annex to the bookshop that she runs.”

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