Ex-wife to be “best woman” at husband’s gay wedding

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A Belgian woman offered up her services as “best woman” when her ex-husband married her hairdresser in a gay wedding. Tania Van Rysselberghe, 41, from Ghent, said her ex-husband, Guy Van Autreve, 40, and Danny Van der Heyden, 44, were like ‘Ying and Yang.’

Guy and Dany had both been married to women for five years when they met, reports Belgian news-service Het Nieuwsblad. They say it was love at first sight but they kept their relationship a secret, meeting up while walking their dogs.

“I thought for a very long time they just were friends,” Van Rysselberghe explained. “It was only during a summer holiday in Spain with the other couple, I got suspicious. “And then Danny’s wife phoned me after Danny confessed. At the beginning, I was furious. But then I learned to accept it.”

Van Rysselberghe said after she came to terms with the situation, she realized she wanted very much to be a part of this new union.

“I would have felt more ashamed if he had fallen in love with another woman,” Van Rysselberghe said. “I saw how happy he and Danny were. They were like Yin and Yang. That’s why I wanted to be at his wedding as his best woman.”