Brosnan: No regrets over removing bisexuality from new film

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Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan told reporters this week that removing bi-sexual references to his character in his new movie The Matador was the right thing to do, despite the outstanding success of multiple Oscar nominee Brokeback Mountain.

Mr Brosnan, who received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance in the film, said he almost backed out of The Matador after suffering a confidence crisis.

He said he and his wife Keely Shaye Smith were both concerned that the original script contained too many overtly gay sexual scenes, so the actor decided to make some changes before filming began.

“I don’t regret it, not at all, even with Brokeback’s success, the original problem was the director (Richard Sheperd) threw everything at it, including the kitchen sink. It was too much. It came on full tilt.”

The film, which has grossed back its budget after just a month in release, tells the story of a worldly hitman (Pierce Brosnan) who finds himself in an odd sort of kinship with a travelling salesman (Greg Kinnear). Critics praised the actor for his daring performance which includes him walking through an airport in one scene in nothing but his underwear.

“I felt the bisexual references took away from the ambiguity of his sexuality,” he explained.

“I just got it toned down.”

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