Gay army recruit refuses discharge

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A gay Korean conscript is looking to highlight gay rights issues by refusing a discharge from the Korean army .

Yoo Jung Min-Seok announced to the press, “My identity, the duty my country demands and my rights as a citizen are in conflict in a world where it is regarded as compulsory for men to be masculine.”

“I reject the harm done by the macho barracks culture and an army that produces aggressive, belligerent men.”

The South Korean army defines homosexuals as “Disabled in character and attitude.” They can be exempted from service on this basis. But the recruit is arguing that he shouldn’t have to give in to stereotypes, “If I accept dishonourable discharge because I am deemed to be mentally defective, that is just accepting the prejudice that homosexuals must be ostracized.”

He voluntarily surrendered to police. A police officer said the military unit may charge him with evasion of military duty and desertion.