Trans woman blasts “homophobic” election campaign

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An Australian transgender woman is seeking an injunction to stop election adverts which she believes encourage homophobia.

Martine Delaney will file two complaints with the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission, asking for an end to a campaign by the Liberal Party that states sex changes and gay marriage are bad for society.

The Liberal Party in Australia has released material ahead of the March 18 elections which say same sex couples will “ruin our families and society” and gay marriage laws would be a “socially destructive.”

Ms Delaney said the material courted high levels of discrimination and violence towards transgender and gay people, she told the Australian Associated Press, “My first and only concern is fair treatment for all Tasmanians.”

“I welcome vigorous debate but not when it descends into hate. It’s time to reintroduce some respect, tolerance and balance to Australian electoral debate.”

She is seeking a public apology and financial contribution to Tasmania’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender support services.