Jackpot for gay group in Gloucestershire.

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

The national lottery has agreed to donate £120, 000 to Gay-Glos, a charity which runs gay friendship groups in Gloucestershire.

The money comes from an amount allocated to help the minority groups living in the UK, and will be used to create a gay friendship group for the over 60s, and a mobile group for young people between the ages of 18 and 25. The groups will offer advice and help to gay people living in the more remote areas of the rural county.

“Is it difficult for gay people to meet up?” wondered the genial Nick Bury, Dean of Gloucester Cathedral. “I know a lot of the county is countryside, but it’s not exactly like that television programme has it, “the only gay in the village” is it! Still, good for them. Anything that makes the lives of minority groups easier is a good thing.”

The charity, formerly known as the Gay and Lesbian Friend Help line Gloucestershire, is delighted by this lucky turn of events. Spokesperson Sarah Stephenson said that the charity’s work was very important: “Becoming part of a group can give you the opportunity to share experience and knowledge with others, make friends, discuss concerns you have and work out practical solutions.”

She encouraged people in the area to get involved with running the groups: “Gay-Glos is looking for group leaders of all ages so if you have the ability, time and the commitment to facilitate groups around the county you could make a difference to someone else’s life and gain valuable training yourself.”