Anti-gay boycott hurts Ford sales

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Sales of Ford cars have been hurt by on off protests by a Christian group, according to dealers.

In its latest campaign, the American Family Association (AFA) is calling for a boycott of the carmaker because of its support of a gay pride event in Detroit.

The chairman of the AFA said in a letter to members, “Since the boycott began, Ford stock has fallen 7% and Associated Press stated that Ford sales were down 5% in March. Many financial consultants believe that Ford is headed for bankruptcy.

“It appears that Ford is more willing to face bankruptcy than ending their support of homosexual groups and causes.”

He then requested they write protest letters to dealers and sign a Ford boycott. His campaign has been backed by pastors who have preached against Ford in their sermons.

Cisco Codina, marketing vice president for the Ford Motor Company in North America, reacted in a letter explaining that it supports a number of causes but has no political agenda, “The Ford Motor Company Fund is a charity. It has a community agenda, not a political one, and it supports causes and people from all walks of life.

“In all areas, the fund, like the company, puts a priority on the support and development of organisations that promote diversity and inclusion.”

The manufacturer, along with other car companies, is sponsoring a children’s section of gay group, The Triangle Foundation’s Motor City Pride.

The AFA’s BoycottFord campaign was announced this year in reaction to claims that Ford allegedly backed out of an agreement to stop funding homosexual groups which promote homosexual marriage.