Big gay spenders wanted for debt busting series

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Financial surveys constantly paint a torrid picture of debt and economical struggle in British society.

Nearly one in ten households is struggling with debt repayments, and almost two million people in the UK owe £10,000 on credit cards or overdraft, while three quarters of couples find money the hardest subject to talk about with their partners, according to the Financial Services Authority , and AXA claims that around seven million adults avoid discussing money.

If you are keeping a debt ridden secret from your boyfriend or girlfriend, and drowning in the champagne lifestyle, Channel 4 would like to talk to you.

The Wall To Wall TV production company is currently looking for people to take part in a new financial make-over series for the station.

This new series from the makers of genealogy series, Who Do You Think You Are? aims to give debt-ridden partners a chance to come clean with their other halves, and shows them how to clear their debt mountain.

Cesarina Holm-Kander is the show’s Debt Buster. She is a successful business trouble-shooter who is now bringing the lessons of the boardroom into the bedroom.

Those who take part will be delivered into the hands of the cash-savvy presenter who will treat their finances to a complete overhaul, teach the spender and their partner to save cash by clever financial management and then give them a bespoke plan to help conquer the spiral of spending and clear that debt once and for all.

Applicants are invited to take part in the programme by calling 020 7241 9202 or by email at [email protected]