Chinese dogs have a gay old time

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Lonely Chinese dogs looking for love will need look no further if a new dating event runs to plan.

The company Gougou520 has been match making the pouches based on a personality test and a compatibility rating, the Shanghai Daily reported. On the website dog owners are asked to give details of their dog’s descent and breeding, and submit pictures to asses their dog’s attractiveness.

Amid animated pictures of dogs rolling together on the grass, inspiring captions remind the reader that nothing beats puppy love; “love is fragrant and warm, love is gentle and sweet, love is exciting and delightful!”

The event, which takes place in Shanghai next week is the first of its kind to be held in China (and possibly the world?) and is something of a landmark for the country – keeping a pet dog used to be ruled a “bourgeoisie” pass time and was illegal until a few years ago!

Yet it may not only be the canines that find love. The organiser of the event, Zhou Handong, has discovered that most of the owners are under 35 and single.

Who knows, maybe they’ll be making big doggy eyes at each other too!

The Chinese have in the past been known for their tendencies to eat their canine friends.