Marriage quiz show urged to include gay partners

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Gay campaigners have called on the makers of a new version of classic game show Mr and Mrs, to bring it into the 21st Century by allowing civil partners to compete as well.

Production company Celador has announced that it will be revamping the 1970s quiz show where married couples would be tested on their knowledge of each other, but gay campaigners say it should now reflect the modern world.

Peter Tatchell of gay rights group Outrage told “It’s time the show was inclusive, if it’s about couples who have made a legal commitment it should include everyone both gay and straight.”

Ben Summerskill, chief executive of gay charity Stonewall told “Of course it should include civil partners, the reason it was axed was it looked out of date, not all relationships come in a cosy chocolate box.”

A spokesperson from the Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association echoed their sentiments, he said: “This show has traditionally appealed to the older generation, this new version can really bring it up to date.

“We are legal now and there is no reason to exclude us. There are a lot of older gay couples who would fit in very well.”

But Derek Batey, former presenter of the show, sold the rights to the quiz, says it should be kept to its original format, he told the Daily Mail, “I would prefer the programme to concentrate on married couples as the titles suggests.

“If they confer with me then there will not be any gay couples or siblings, I do think it should concentrate on Mr and Mrs.

“It is a format that has lasted throughout the times and I see no reason to change it. I’m sure modern audiences will love it.”

A spokeswoman for Celador told “There are no immediate plans, we believe it can definitely appeal to a modern audience.”